I’ve been thinking about this Fonterra thingy

Botulism Toxin Source/Wikipedia

Botulism Toxin

There are a couple of things I have been thinking about this Fonterra milk scandal.

Ok, first up Fonterra and Nutricia have not handled this at all well. It would seem neither company has a crisis management team, a war room or even a war game manual for dealing with crisis. Large companies normally always do this. I know of one large company with its HQ in Auckland that regularly conducts drills.

This all seems to be missing from Fonterra despite the billions upon billions that these guys are earning and the millions they are paying for their top executives.

Now to the actual scale of the disaster…it seems that it is actually a PR disaster rather than a product disaster. The fault of that lies with Fonterra in the first instance. Yes it was their pipe that was allegedly contaminated, but how they handled that subsequently leaves a lot to be desired.?

That in turn has affected the way the world’s media, including our own, have reacted. Which has been decidedly over the top and totally out of proportion to the real issue.

You see not a single has died, not a single person is ill and there are scores of people being hospitalised. Sure there is a recall going on but the actually problem is perception not what has been hyped out of all proportion. It is still a serious issue, but again there aren;t babies wasting away in hospital on our televisions screens.

Which leads me to the last point…I’ve been wondering if all those high society women in Remuera who are outraged and scared about botulism in milk and been running off to the media to tell their stories, plus of course the remarkably wrinkle free media bobble heads, thought for just a moment what it was they were injecting in their faces to get rid of wrinkles.

Have the wondered how BOTOX got it’s name? BOtulism TOXin….and yes it is the exact same thing that is scaring the pants of world is in the infant formula.

Makes you wonder really doesn’t it.