Jews refuse to sign this petition


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  • Richard McGrath

    That was hilarious! The guy near the end certainly looked like Seinfeld too.

  • Mark Wilson

    Bad taste and not something Cam would have posted.

    • Wanna bet? :)

      • Harroputza

        I thought it was hilarious.

    • On the contrary i sent the video to Farrar and asked if he would sign it.

    • Cremster

      Why? It shows Jewish people being calm and reasonable with a guy who’s being a complete dick. Are you offended by the portrayal of the Christian?

    • Guest

      It is of exactly the same kind of humour as Borat, where a jewish comedian in disguise uses anti-semitism for shock humour. The Jews I know love to talk about they sniff money with their big sensitive noses – though I suspect they do it to wind me up to see the look on my face.

      By and large, Jews actually have wonderful senses of humour. I suspect that most Jewish people watching the clip above would have had a great laugh at the above, knowing it is not genuine anti-semitism.

      • Aaron

        Guest post is correct. Ari Shaffir is a Jewish comic who did a handful of these years ago and was recently asked to do some more for a movie full of sketches. It’s a very minor part of his overall comedy and podcasts as seen on Check out his latest special Passive Aggressive before breaking out the knee jerk reactions.

      • Harvey Wilson

        Joan Rivers, Mel Brookes, Bette Midler, The Marx Brothers, Tom Lehrer, Sid James, The 3 Stooges, Seth Rogan, and about a million other funny Jews.

  • crocket

    Sorry Whale and staff, I have become a follower of this blog, but this was unnecessary and well below the usually high standard you set, pretty much bullshit in my opinion

  • John

    Normally love your work Whale but this sort of sh*t shouldn’t get oxygen.

  • BR

    Somebody should have smashed his face in.

    Now let’s see if he is brave enough to go into a mosque full of radical islamics and behave in a similar fashion towards them


  • TimG_Oz

    It’s not offensive to me as a Jew. It’s obviously a staged video, and all the players are actors. None of them interrupt or talk over each other as they would if they were genuine. I’ve been in enough Jewish markets to know what would happen if it was for real.

    I don’t find the humour particularly funny. This would be the case whoever was the target (Jews, Xians, Muslims, Atheists, maybe even Greenies). That’s just me – I’m not a fan of the shock “paratroop” comedy (i.e. prank phone calls etc), even if it is staged.

    I’m trying to find more info on the comedian involved. If anything its interesting seeing the responses this invokes in the youtube and reddit comments, from disgust, to cheering, to downright anti-semitic hatred

    • TimG_Oz

      Sorry, should have read the comments below. The comedian is Ari Shaffir. I haven’t heard of him, but if this is going viral, I expect I’ll hear more from him in the near future.

      Want something funny? Try Aussie Star Wars!