John Campbell & Krim Dotcon – Some Questions


John Campbell on Kim Dotcom’s driveway at the Dotcom Mansion

I noted with interest John Campbell declaring on Campbell Live that he is no ‘mate’ of Krim Dotcon.

But along with hagiographer David Fisher at the Herald, no one’s done more to promote the Krim’s profile.

First there was this interview where the Krim boldly declared that piracy was all Hollywood’s fault because it had a failed business model… and John Campbell fondly referred to him as Kim. 

Then there was this one sided interview where he let Krim Dotcon wax lyrical about ‘mass surveillance’ which is also untrue.

So John Campbell, if you haven’t so much as had a cup of coffee with Krim Dotcon – who in your show has?

How often have you contacted him? If the host is serious, then Campbell Live will have no issue releasing correspondence and phone logs to show New Zealanders how balanced the show really is and what promises they’ve made to the fat German fraudster.


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  • rockape

    Did he ever in any of his interviews with Dotcom challenge him? It shows I think that Cambell believes that just being anti government ,anti establishment is worthy of ratings. No Cambell if you ran a genuine news analyses that wasn’t biased and presented the facts for our consideration then you would get some traction. When you present your opinion then that quite frankly isnt newsworthy. Today, were you got handed your arse a possible exception.

  • Justsayn

    I’d rather watch The Crowd Goes Wild

    • Honcho

      Smashed ’em bro!

      • Michael

        Yip, Hayley Holt (and now the hot Russian translator as well).

        But this is the format Seven Sharp are trying to emulate – but they don’t have the passion, chemistry, or charisma of the CGW team.

        • Not Mark Richardson


  • Mr_Blobby

    Well Whale boy. I don’t know much about John Campbell and to be fair not to interested.

    But what I will say is that regardless of your feelings towards your German friend. What the Government, GCSB and Police did to Kim Dotcom was wrong.

    Nobody legally living in New Zealand should be treated the way he, his pregnant wife, family and staff were treated. Unless, of course, they were genuinely dangerous and a threat to the safety of New Zealanders.

    To date to my knowledge he has not been charged with anything and the most likely charge is not illegal in New Zealand and would be considered more of a civil matter.

    How about playing the ball.

    • Michael

      Quite right – it was wrong, on the basis that he was a NZ resident and shouldn’t have been spied on… and John Key apologised almost a year ago. If you want whale to play the ball, how about you play current issues.

      • Mr_V4

        Is this a version of Helen Clarks “move on” ???

    • JeffDaRef

      Cry me a river…if he’s such a wronged party why hasn’t he swiftly got across to USA, cleared his name and got on with his quiet honest life??
      Instead he’s costing taxpayers a small fortune challenging trivial matters in court, to delay the inevitable.
      And per Michael’s comment, the matter he was wronged on was apologised for long ago.

      • Macca

        Couldn’t agree more Jeff! Sounds to me like Blobby should just fuck off with him as he’s obviously not happy here in NZ! Of course, Blobby was quite happy under the old unworkable legislation put in to practice by Labia – sort of speaks volumes for him really! Like other lefties, Blobby is incapable of actually listening to the PM’s points!

        • Josh Metcalfe

          Quite frankly, the chance of Mr Schmitz having a fair trial in the US is slim. There is so much money already riding on this case regardless of whether he’s guilty or not the verdict is already in and honestly I can’t blame the guy for wanting to stay in NZ.

          You want proof, look at the donations President Obama received from the movie making community, they consider him to be their champion in DC and willing to keep propping up Hollywood.

          • OJ Simpson got a fair trial

          • Mr_V4

            And it only cost $3million+ (just for the defence.)

          • Josh Metcalfe

            A different time, Obama is now trying to go after Zimmerman on some tenuous race crime legislation. America today is all about protecting the people who got you where you are, even at the cost of a person’s freedom.

  • le sphincter

    “Dotcon wax lyrical about ‘mass surveillance’ which is also untrue.”

    ..cough cough… and along came Snowden and said it was true with the ppt to prove it.

    The real reason for the Feds going hard on the local lackeys to shut down MEGA, was the US didnt want a growing web site who they didnt have access to

    • kehua

      Who the fuck lifted your rock arsole?

      • Great, apart from the last word (not picking on spelling, btw ;)
        Collectively we’ve done quite well of late.
        Let’s keep it that way, please.

    • Hazards001

      You fucking muppet..(gives self a spank to save Pete doing it) MEGA was a site that promoted theft of someone else’s material and work and then charged a fee to allow others to distribute it. Kind of like a fence arsemouth.
      I assume you would be OK with someone popping in to your business(ROFLMFAO at the thought of you actually having a job never mind a business..but for the sake of argument) helping themselves to the ideas and materials you had spent months and even years developing and taking them with no thought of paying you a cent for your efforts and then earning an income off those same materials?

  • Dave

    Unbiased TV journalism doesn’t exist in this country unfortunately. They’re pathetic.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    In all fairness the Hollywood model is a failed one, on demand, online viewing is the way of the future. That’s why people like Mr Schmitz have been able to make money, and if anyone is able to say that the Hollywood system is broken it’s him.

    • JeffDaRef

      the case against the crooked German has nothing to do with whether Hollywood is broken or not, its that he aided and abetted piracy aka theft.
      you may be – in fact you most likely are – correct in pointing out online is the future, but that doesn’t give crooks like Dotcom the right to take and distribute what is the property of the film-makers and negate their right to gain income from their product. had he been a little more honest he might have developed a platform the studios could have used to sell their films online, then everyone wins.
      my guess is the communications that were intercepted prove he was donkey-deep in knowing what was being shared, despite his weak protestations he had no knowledge of what Megaupload was being used for, and that’s why he’s fighting so hard to kill the case.

      • Josh Metcalfe

        Yes, but the point I was making is that if you were going to interview anyone who can clearly make the case that Hollywood is broken, it is Kim Schmitz. He made his money off the broken system.

        I don’t agree with Campbell’s idealistic crusade’s he’s waging every night on the telly and if the ratings are right then neither do the NZ public

        • JeffDaRef

          OK cool – but I’ve never seen Campbell do a story on the Hollywood business model!!
          Dotcom is pulled in to talk about national security, accuses others of shady behaviour and puts his own opinion on right v wrong – and he is the last person you’d want commenting on any of that.

  • Cherri

    It was great to see Key come out swinging last night on Campbell live. At last, he is fighting back. (Once he stops using the phrase “Mixed Ownership” which has all the connotations of people being mixed up and confused, I will be even happier. Why not call that as it is too – it is Shared Ownership – right? Doesn’t that sound far better, AND more accurate?) It was good to hear the truth restored to the airwaves last night. I wonder where the National PR machine is at times. Seems very sleepy allowing a whole lot of cX$%& to be thrown about without proper rebuttal. Bring on more firm defiance in the face of absolute rubbish and hysteria. Cherri

  • jaundiced

    What I don’t get is why people have this thing that it would be OK to spy on dotcom if he wasn’t a NZ resident, but suddenly not OK if he is a resident. A crim is a crim. In the UK hose responsible for the London bombings were UK citizens. Just saying.

  • PJ

    This was fantastic. So I think the Whale Army should take John Campbell up on the suggestion of making a complaint every time he lies or gives false details!!!