Joining the Media Scrum: Privacy? What about objectivity? Or plain honesty?

Now this is just getting plain ridiculous.  Check this out



Here is a larger version



Now, how can you possibly request emails sent/received by Peter Dunne, a minister, a request that falls under the Terms of Reference of the Inquiry, without those emails also affecting the people those emails were being sent to or received from?

And it isn’t just about Peter Dunne emails.  It also involves Adams, Finlayson, Tolley and the Prime Minister.  All of whom are Ministers.

It is plain that using Andrea Vance as a “filter” is needed to cut down on all the other emails that Dunne, Adams, Finlayson, Tolley and the Prime Minister may have sent or received during that period, as they would have no relevance to the Inquiry.

This is clearly a request that is within the Terms of Reference, and the way this is being spun by a journalist of a competing media organisation is just…






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  • PlanetOrphan

    Well said Pete, it takes at least two parties to make a conversation

  • 24 e-mails on 3 April and 13 the following day; that’s quite some conversation…

    • Whanga_Cynic

      I don’t think he believed the “no, I won’t” reply. LOL