I just know that someone, somewhere, is blaming this on fracking


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  • Frackmyarse

    Fucking fracking.

  • opusx

    When the anti-smacking legislation reared it’s ugly head, Labour MP’s were roused from their slumber in the house and thought they were supporting anti-fracking legislation, and still don’t realise it was about giving your kids a clip around the ears when they deserved it.

  • thor42

    Although I’ve seen that clip before, it is still amazing to watch. Just awe-inspiring, seeing how fast a pyroclastic flow can move.

    This eruption killed two quite well-known volcanologists – Maurice and Katia Krafft.

    Bizarre fact – on the day before the eruption (the day before he died), Maurice said that he “had seen and done so much that even if I die tomorrow, I don’t care”.

    Sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

  • philbest

    And humans are guilty of “raping the planet” by drilling a few holes here and there?