Kevin Rudd doesn’t like being upstaged, hurts kid to prove point [VIDEO]

Kevin Rudd was upstaged by a little Korean kid the other day, and now video footage has emerged of him squeezing the same kids hand so much it hurt him.


Joseph Kim upstages Kevin Rudd

A cheeky five-year-old boy upstaged the Prime Minister when he visited a Korean language class in the marginal Liberal electorate of Bennelong yesterday.

Joseph Kim pulled faces and cavorted behind Kevin Rudd during a photo opportunity at the the Ryde Uniting Church, and captivated the assembled media with his antics.

But then a strange thing happened, as you can see in this video, which ran on Sky’s Paul Murray Live program. 

The PM turned to give little Joseph a high five, and then gripped the boy’s fingers and held on.

When the boy extracted his hand, he grimaced and said “Ouch”.

It takes talent to outshine the selfie king of Australia.

Can we have Julia back please?


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Typical Labor/Labour, “I’ll hurt you if you don’t do as I say”

  • The real problem is that he is stupid. How did he possibly think he could get away with it with a dozen cameras on him?

    • Orange

      What a nasty piece of work Rudd is. Incredible.

      • Dave

        which is why he is known as krudd.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Labour everywhere…just nasty little people!
    I remember an OAP (guy) jumping at my wife, because he didn’t like what she said about helen clarke (to someone else). I thought I might have to step in, he really looked like he was going to hit her!

  • Mark

    Check this out to see how he is going to kill the Australian car market…

  • Patrick

    He is piece of work which is why he was rolled in the first place, just shows the desperation of Labor that they have gone back to him to try to win the election. Hopefully the voters memories are longer than the Labor apparatchiks

  • jac

    Bullshite! The high five hurt the kid not the “squeeze” Rudd held the kids fingers for the cameras.

    • LabTested

      Sorry.Complete BS. you always Hi 5 kids with an open hand. No squeezing allowed. (unless you are Darren Hughes)

      • Nechtan

        Only its not your hand he wants to squeeze

      • philbest

        “……you always Hi 5 kids with an open hand……”

        How could a chardonnay socialist be expected to know anything like that about real people in the real world?

    • Orange

      Rubbish, you can see the force he his holding with when the young guy tries to pull away.