Labour gives up on New Plymouth and Rotorua

It looks like Labour has given up on winning back New Plymouth and Rotorua, bypassing them on their taxpayer funded leader’s roadshow.

The Labour Party is bypassing Taranaki in a series of meetings to be held before electing its new leader.

Details of the 12 meetings, spread across New Zealand, were announced yesterday as the Labour leadership race entered its next phase.

New Plymouth had been a traditional stronghold for the party with Harry Duynhoven holding the seat from 1993 until 2008, when National MP Jonathan Young wrested it from him with the country’s smallest majority of just 105 votes.

Mr Young then went on to defeat Andrew Little in 2011.

Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett said the tight timeframe and having to hold meetings in the six biggest population centres had dictated where meetings were held. 

“There is no slight to New Plymouth whatsoever, it’s just a function of time and practicality,” Mr Barnett said.

He said there were several places the party would have liked to hold meetings including New Plymouth, Invercargill, Rotorua and Timaru.

“We haven’t got meetings in any of them because we haven’t got the time available.”

Todd McLay has also turned Rotorua into a blue seat…I can’t believe that labour are ignoring all those blue collar forestry and related industry workers in Rotorua, not to mention the large Maori population.

SHows just how out of touch with their base Labour has become. If I was Shane Jones I’d be getting to both places privately and setting something up.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Taranaki and Rotorua – both blue collar strongholds, so called Waitakere Man haunts. Which Labour has no intention of appealing to.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Bro – New Plymouth and Rororua – Labour knows they are already in the bag. So no need to worry about that. My spies have been briefed about the Rogue Morgan poll due out any time now.

    National – 41% (down 3%)
    Labour – 36% (up 2%)
    Greens – 15% (up 1%)
    No significant changes with other parties. So a Left-Hard Left, tax & spend government will be taking over in 2014. Good bye.

    • Col

      You been smoking that shit from Hone again, I told you it would get too you sooner or later, just got sooner by the looks of it. Be interesting with the polls, due to all the headlines re Labour, lets wait and see.

  • blueballs

    The reason this travelling circus will not venture into Taranaki is because the inevitable media scrum that follows along will be recording in the background just what a thriving provincial economy the oil & gas industry has provided the region with.

  • cows4me

    What no New Plymouth meeting, what shall I do, I’m devastated. I guess I’ll have to trim my toenails.

    • BigDes

      Actually that was the first thing I looked for, after seeing the PM having so much fun at ? time, I wanted in on that.

  • blokeintakapuna

    “Haven’t got time available” translation…

    “Haven’t got the funds… Didn’t sell enough 2nd hand books at the stall – plus, Labour don’t want to be boo’ed out of Taranaki any more than they’ve already been given to with the likes of Little”

    • Bob Murphy

      What do you mean they haven’t got the funds? You and I are paying for this, not the Labour Party.

      • Col

        I think they only get the travel expense, but they have to pay for the venue. That could be interesting, see if they do pay for the venue and if not stick it up Mallard for his comments yesterday re Smith staying over in the govt home.

  • JC

    “I can’t believe that labour are ignoring all those blue collar forestry
    and related industry workers in Rotorua, not to mention the large Maori

    Thats where the stitch up reveals itself.. Rotorua would favour the Jones Boy.


    • kehua

      No JC tribalism is alive and well within Maoridom especially in the Central North Is. A common mistake that many people make is that all Maori think and act the same, this is like saying all Europeans will vote the same. Dont work that way ow.

      • JB Sails

        Quite true, kehua. Labour cannot and should not rely on Maori votes ever again.

  • GazzW

    Are they coming to Fortress Lotu-Iiga WO or have they given up on Maungakiekie as well?

  • FredFrog

    Of course labia is ignoring the blue collar workers.

    Labia has not been the party for the workers for quite some time now. They talk of “reconnecting”, but then do this? They don’t even have any idea of who they need to reconnect” with!

    • shewolf

      While agreeing with the sentiments I get a bit sick of labour continually being called the labia party. Its an insult to all of us XX chromosome Whale Oil readers who have real labia’s. Yep – labour party has no balls but that doesn’t automatically make them pussies. I think they are more likely just castrated – mentally if not physically. Used to have it a long time ago but now its well and truly gone. A party of eunuchs!

      • FredFrog

        You have put it so well. Henceforth I will not longer refer to them as labia, I will call them the eunuch party

  • Naki boy

    It’s hard for Labour to rebuild itself in New Plymouth after the mess Andrew Little left it in.
    I’m originally from there and old friends and family say Little disenfranchised himself instantly with voters because they worked out in short time he was a prize cock. Plus the National MP works hard so they are happy.
    All around New Plymouth are farmers. The rural seats are firmly blue and people are earning good coin – which changes voting profile. It used to be quite red, but now it’s demographic is higher income its more blue.
    Labour has lost that place for some time

    • JB Sails

      In those old days, I take it then that New Plymouth was Duynhoven’s seat and not Labour’s per se.

    • axeman

      Plus Angry LITTLE Andy’s lickspittle there is Comrade Ross, an EPMU boss, who should take a lot of the blame for the 2011 election debacle.

  • Col

    If I was running I d be talking to them right now, why stay in the house with the other 2 pricks your not getting votes from that place.

  • spollyike

    New Zealand should give up on Rotorua. Some part-maardi defaced bitch wants an iwi tribal council to govern the city now and she’s standing for mayor WTF! This country is more fucked in the head every day!

  • Nickelback video post on WOBH.

    I quit.

  • Homepaddock

    They’re giving up on Invercargill too – no meeting south of Dunedin.

  • TheRobberDog

    Dont you mean RETURNED Rotorua to a blue seat – Max Bradford held Rotorua forever before Chadwick turned it Red briefly – just a moment of weakness.