#Laboursgottalent backfires, contenders chicken out

It looks like question time yesterday was such a disaster that Labour leadership contenders have bailed on it today. To makes matters worse no Labour MP is asking a question to the Prime Minister today, even though it will be his last question time for three weeks.

But is also turns out they were just using taxpayers cash to travel to a protest to suck up to the unions.


Double whoopsy…but Jones keeps on keeping on.


Even if they had got into the meeting – they put romancing the unions ahead of asking the PM questions…a bunch of tards.


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  • Justsayn

    I thought that Mr T was the new socialist poster boy… fresh from the Herne Bay commune.

    I pitty the fool

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I say good on Jones. He has nothing to lose from the unions and everything to gain. He can talk the working mans language and he might yet steal some votes. He sounded good on one news this morning, but certainly doesn’t come across well when reading scripted questions in parliament. He is much better on the hoof so to speak. He would definitely be my pick if I had to be in that unfortunate position.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Safety in numbers? But when gifted the possibility of demonstrating leadership in an exclusive position to throw Questions at the PM – they flake out…
    Just how effective and credible do they think getting a “leader” title will make them?

    • kevin

      Yep, just the type we wanting running NZ inc… NOT

  • sheppy

    Such a pity they chickened out, was looking forward to more hilarity today!

  • johnbronkhorst

    SO…The puppet masters don’t want the puppets at THEIR meeting. Would have thought they needed to get the numbers up!

  • OT Richter

    Paddy and TV3 News were mocking the 3 dullards last night, and enjoying every moment of it. Has the msm worm turned?

    • Honcho

      I also noticed and would tend to agree, it was very unlike TV3, but I guess when things were served steaming hot on a plate Pedro Gower and the others couldn’t help but tuck in.
      Very refreshing to see the opposition also called out.

      • tarkwin

        Unfortunately Mr Campbell spouted enough tripe to retain the bias.

    • dyannt

      Any credibility the msm has left would have been completely blown out of the water if they hadn’t reported the flaming obvious.

  • Lion_ess

    Who would have guessed that last weeks Snapper stunt only ranked a Beginners Score on the OMG Cringe Meter.
    “… the Unions don’t want their sideshow”. No-one does (well only to snigger).
    The search for New Zealand’s Next (Top Model) Labour Leader is the most outstanding display of policital ineptness I’ve ever witnessed. (Goofy and Sheep must be puffing out their chests).

    • Macca

      Totally agree! These 3 imbeciles actually make Sheep look good – heaven forbid, they may even realise the error of their ways and invite him back!

    • dyannt

      I hope, where ever David Shearer is, he is watching TV and keeping a diary of his opinions. It would make a great read if he ever writes his memoirs.

  • Good on Matua Shane for standing up to the EPMU bosses and turning up regardless. Could a Jones/Little ticket be emerging?

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      While Little might improve his chances to become leader, I think he would be a chain around Jones’ leg once there. Anyway, Jones clearly said that it will be a woman who is elected deputy whoever becomes leader – again not being elected on merit it would seem. Foolishness much?

  • Oh deary deary me…

    Hands up all of you who didn’t see this coming.

  • GregM

    The whole thing is turning to complete farce. A cross between blackadder and fawlty towers. You’ve gotta laugh.

  • cows4me

    You would pay good money for this shit. These clowns are as welcomed as typhoid Mary, there definitely is a God and he’s giving quite a few people a great deal of pleasure, myself included. By the time they arse lickers are finished their tongues will blistered and raw, oh what fun.

  • thor42

    Cunliffians 4:27
    “And the Saviour didst come forth and he saith unto the masses – “cometh unto my house, for I have a barbie and loaves and fishes and much water that shall be turned into wine. And a voice cryeth from those there assembled – “art thou a socialist? Art thou a lover of unions? ART THOU A LOVER OF THYSELF, FOR I SEEITH THEE PREENING THYSELF IN THY MIRROR!
    Didst not thou utter the words “youse fullas” to us in the wilderness? Get thee hence, Satan!”
    Thus endeth this lesson.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Surely Jones will be made to pay back any taxpayers money for his stunt trip to union rally if thats how all his expenses for the trip were paid. Also he should not get paid while in Auckland on non parliamentary business when he should have been at Qustion time. I wonder what Sleaze bag Mallard thinks of that, will he say anything, I doubt it. Why doesn’t Mallard be a man and ask Winston Peters about the $158k he still owes while he is having a crack at Nick Smith. Come on Mallard don’t be so GUTLESS.