LEAKED: Labour’s plans to use taxpayer money to promote policy

The Labour party continues to leak and this morning I have received documents outlining just exactly how the Labour party plans to echo their $800,000 rort with the pledge card and fund the promotion of their NZ Power policy from taxpayers pockets.

The documents are very clear. They state:

The Leader’s [Office] will provide a targeted mail drop to support upcoming public meetings on NZ Power. We’ll provide the target list, the letter, the collateral, printing and deliver the target mail to electorate offices.

In other words the costs associated with the promotion of a Labour party policy is to be billed to parliamentary services. They go further:

Note: Larger print runs are much more cost effective. So we’ll be looking to combine the print run of as many meetings as possible. 

Nice that they are trying to get as much as possible for the taxpayers dollar. 

On top of that they are looking to utilise the resources of MPs and their offices.

MPs will organise and facilitate the public meetings. This includes building the crowd. The Leader’s Office will be able to assist with collateral and a targeted mail drop. For larger meetings we’ll get the Leader involved.

Such nice words…”assist with collateral”…that means preparation, printing and delivery all paid for with public money. Plus they are planning on using taxpayer funded electorate offices as distribution points.

Labour are broke, we know that from other leaks. Like the last time they ran out of money Labour are shamelessly planning on raiding the taxpayer’s pockets to fund their election campaigns and policy launches.

Full documents below.

LEAKED: NZ Power Public Meetings Project Plan


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  • Tell me, why do the opposition scream about the GCSB spying on them when they’re doing all the hard work themselves leaking like a sieve spewing like a fire hose?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Probably because their frame of reference / initial starting point with their thinking would be to behave in the exact same manner they’re so scared of, thinking National are always doing it to them….

      It gives a very clear indication of their attitudes and likely behaviours… and combined with previous track record of demonstrated corruption and underhanded ethics – on both sides of the Tasman – they “naturally” automatically think everyone else would do as they would.

      Yet again – it only proves how out of touch they are with NZ…

  • Why is Trevor Mallard specified as the spokeperson for Labour in Invercargill (right at the foot of the document)? Surely there is an MP closer by who can travel to the deep south at less expense to the taxpayer.

    • He’s probably got a, ehm, associate, yes, that’s it, associate down there he needs to, ehm, err, visit.

      • I wondered as much; ’nuff said.

        • Time For Accountability

          No doubt he will call on Clare on the way through Dunedin

          • AnonWgtn

            To help Clare on her root to the Dunedin Mayoralty.

      • PM of NZ

        Pete Hodgson (Labour’s ex- “chief dirt-digger and mudslinger”) lives down that way doesn’t he? As Pete might be heading for local gummint elections, maybe Trev has gone to investigate long unproven matters of reputation. Ewww!

        • Time For Accountability

          Hodgson and good reputation don’t go in the same sentence.
          He helped cover up a major cockup in the ODHB computer which was a major health risk for about 10 days at the Dunedin Hospital. It crashed and there was no access to medical alerts or any data for about 10 days. The CEO and Chairman and Hodgson failed to properly alert the Otago patients and public.

    • Ducky

      Airpoints !!! my dear friend , clock as much AP as he can while on the public pigs trough.

  • JeffDaRef

    I’m sure this blatant ripoff will lead tonights news, be lead story on Campbell Live and front page of tomorrow’s papers, with many “outraged” taxpayers featured….
    Or maybe it wont….

    • Ducky

      don’t hold your breath ! Those dirty little leftie journalists WILL not run any of this ripoff story when it is one of their own leftie party. They are more keen to expose the Nats than Labour or Greens. Scumbags.

  • John.Doe.2013

    I hear Helen Clark sign a few hundred paintings and books which will be auctioned or raffled to raise money for the party.

  • Chiefsfan73

    Might try to get along to laugh at Sue Moron(ey)

  • FredFrog

    Surprised no one has commented on the repeated use of “leader” and “leaders office”. Does this mean they are expecting to have a “leader” with a different name to the current one very soon?

  • Time For Accountability

    I love this extract from the above

    Draw up list of targets
    Print target letters and collateral
    Deliver target mail to electorate offices for distribution by volunteers.

    I have just explained to my wife that as a recipient she was deemed to be a target.
    That makes her feel victimized.

    A bit like targeting a rabbit or a deer.
    Nothing counseling will not fix.

    I wonder if Trevor targeted Clare?

  • Did anyone else notice

    Did anyone else notice that the last few pages are dated ‘As at 20 September 2012’… and that Charles Chauvel is shown to be the MP who will be the Ohairu hub member and that Parekura Horomia (R.I.P) will be the hub member for Ikaroa Rawhiti?

    How does this fit with the statement from Labour and the Greens that they hadn’t been planning to disrupt the MRP share offering with the timing of their joint announcement? This looks as if it was in the works for quite some time before the MRP share offering, and once again David and Russel have been able to pull the wool over the media’s eye. (MSM only have one eye, the left one, IMHO).