Len Brown blowing your rates on Labour’s polling company

Rooting the rate-paying sheeple with no hands

Rooting the rate-paying sheeple with no hands

Len Brown is wasting millions of your ratepayers dollars on polling with Labour’s own polling company UMR.

Len Brown’s Auckland Council has spent more than $5.1 million on pollsters and surveys in the past three years.

A council spokesman said about 60 per cent of the spending was required under law, mainly for annual planning and reporting.

But councillor Cameron Brewer said spending on pollsters was “out of control”. 

Brewer said: “Think of the improvements a local park or playground could’ve enjoyed with this money. Instead it’s all gone into lining the pockets of private pollsters.”

The figures were released to Brewer under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

“It’s time to stop the spinning and get back to delivering core council services for ratepayers,” he said. He suspected the polling was being done for “purely political reasons”.

$5.1 million on polling! I asked Cameron Brewer for further comment.

He noted that:

“This cost comes on top of the already 143 staff employed in-house by the council for communications, marketing, and PR – and the dozens and dozens of external advertising agencies, marketing and design companies already engaged by the wider council. This $5.1m is a whole new revelation. It is solely represents the spend just on public opinion polls and market research alone, and worryingly it completely excludes all the big CCOs and all their polling. Rural and suburban ratepayers will feel sick to the stomach to learn who’s pocketing their hard-earned money.”

Len Brown should be held to account.

“The polling out of the Mayor’s office is outrageous because it’s purely for political purposes and it’s staggering that it is being funded by the poor old ratepayer. We know it’s political because the Mayor has deliberately engaged UMR which famously does all of the Labour Party’s polling.

“Councillors are not allowed to have electorate offices because apparently that would be too political, but the Mayoral office can spend ratepayers’ money to poll the public on ‘current issues’ and supposedly that’s not political. Go figure!”

Len Brown has always been one of those hypocrites who demands high ethical standards of others but is using very tricky little rort to benefit himself.


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  • sheppy


    • Rusty B

      TT(True That)

  • dumbshit

    his knob is still protuding from his collar

  • rockape

    At least its socialists giving money to rich pricks for a change. Just glad i dont live in Auckland.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Opened my new rates bill in the weekend and now seeing this. FFS Len Brown, we are not your fucking personal bank account. Go and screw someone else.

  • Saccharomyces

    “I’m a very special boy!” – really I should lay off the comments about LBIAFC being a retard, it’s not really fair to retards to be compared to such a dickhead.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “Councillors are not allowed to have electorate offices because apparently that would be too political, but the Mayoral office can spend ratepayers’ money to poll the public on ‘current issues’ and supposedly that’s not political. Go figure!”

    Strange local boards all seem to have offices. Put the local Councillors in with them.

    Opened up the local rag this week and it is full of ads from Council, not public notices just about how good they are, no names, but the inference is Len Brown. Seems rather odd this close to an election.

    Still a bit confused about how a legal opinion about the unitary plan commissioned by Council Management and must have cost a bit, is not available to all Councillors who may wish to see it.

    NO it is the Council management who are in control and the limp DICK, with a Q, councilors who have rolled over and being told how it will be. The community boards likewise have been side lined and there is no connection between the Councillors and the Boards, a divide and conquer strategy that is working very well.

    Not sure how we, the rate payers, are going to get a say in our city. The current token consultation is a sham.


    Councils should be required by law to communication and polling silence for 1 month prior and during elections to avoid any incumbent taking advantage of the information.
    No such thing as Chinese walls at Council and Mayor Brown definitely gets his feed.

    • Mr_Blobby

      You would have to wonder who was involved in setting up the super shity city as most of the power is with the Council management and the Mayor. Easier to control one man than a larger group.

  • Markm

    Of course this would have have nothing to do with”rumors” that Len has agreed to have UMR pad the accounts to the Auckland ratepayer so that they can do low cost or Gratis work for Labour , on accoun t of their inability to pay.

    Suggest Mr Brewer or someone requests all the accounts under the OIA

  • Len Brown

    I’m committed to Auckland becoming the world’s most liveable city.
    I will deliver trains.
    I will make the city beautiful.
    I promise to never ever ever rob wealthier suburbs to pay for things in poor suburbs.
    I will cap rates to 10% per annum.
    And I have my fingers crossed behind my back because I’m a psychopathic liar with narcissistic tendancies.

  • Fiscus

    I’m absolutely sure Len has chicken herpes.

  • alan sargent

    The more I read About Len Brown The More he should be put back and REFUCKED