Len now has booze problems


Some issues really rark up the local populace and one of them is naturally who’s in control of the grog.

Len Brown wants Auckland to be the most liveable city and wants “greater local input into policy development and liquor licensing decisions”.  Problem for Len is that the officials are pushing for only one District Licensing Committee for all of Auckland which is deeply opposed by a number of Local Boards.

Trouble is really brewing as local boards are up-in-arms at this prospect. They want to have local decision makers make the call over liquor licensing in their areas. Manurewa is just one example I’ve heard of via the tip-line.  

Manurewa residents want restricted alcohol trading hours, buffer zones around sensitive sites such as schools and churches where no alcohol licences can be granted, and they want to see fewer liquor stores which can come about by a sinking lid policy.

With the lolly-water RTDs absolutely rife in South Auckland booze stores targeting young kids, they have a very good point.

Councillors voted today, giving Len the keys to the Auckland’s grog cabinet. This decision will incense local communities who are outraged by the hundreds of little booze shops in their patch.

Little did Council officials know that Independent Liquor is having a field-day in these stores, pushing them to have up to 70% of their floor space dedicated to the lolly-water RTDs. If Councillors knew this, then maybe the decision would have been different. But one thing is for sure, there’s more to this story.


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  • Not exactly a misleading headline, but the post didn’t deliver what I expected :)

    • Still …. makes me want a drink ….. :-)

      • “I can’t recollect”

        • He’s onto it M8!

        • 4077th

          Plausible deniability…

  • CheesyEarWax

    To my eyes it looks much easier to get a license to open a booze shop than getting consent to build a house. Booze shops are more prevalent than dairies.

  • GregM

    Council was given a once in a generation chance to sort out the dogs dinner that licensing is. 9 different DLA’s under the old cities, all with different rules to suit local conditions, and they now all have the same rules that only suit one area. My license was issued by the old North Shore CC, which has way different, and much stricter conditions than the new system. This is exactly the opposite of what most of the public want. It is now easier and cheaper to gain a liquor license than it is to get consent to put a deck on your house.

  • blairmulholland

    I still can’t understand why people think having fewer off-licences will somehow reduce consumption and binge drinking. Do they really think that people are going to stop buying grog because they have to drive for an extra two minutes to get somewhere that sells it?!

    • Whanga_Cynic

      It’s the same argument that Liabour use for gambling. More machines means more problem gamblers – yeah right!

  • philbest

    Is the image a hint that the one thing communities have nil say about, is brothels?

  • LionKing

    Thanks WO for the great picture promoting booze to women. As its a NZ company promoting sexual success if you nail this marshmallow vodka the chick is all yours, it’s clearly in breach of the alcohol advertising rules. Good to see a NZ company not give a shit about the rules.

  • DLM

    Crusher Collins will be pissed at this decision by Auckland Council. The whole point of the changes to the booze act was to give local areas more control over their areas. Instead Len has fucked it by seizing control over the rightly named “grog cabinet”.