Len’s looney toons spending gets worse

Len’s looney council really have lost it.

They are having a huge spend and push to increase public transport usage and then squander ratepayer money on helping losers get a drivers licence.

Wouldn’t giving them a free bus pass be a better fit with their ideology?

Auckland ratepayers and charities have stepped in to help students at two low-income South Auckland schools pay for their learner driver’s licences.

The Youth Connections scheme, funded by the council with the Tindall Foundation and Auckland Airport Community Trust, has given $5000 each towards learner licence training and tests at Mangere and Otahuhu Colleges.

The gesture came after “youth connector” Briar Tuialii found that not having a licence was a major barrier to South Auckland young people finding work. “The majority don’t have a licence by the time they hit 18-19 and are looking for employment,” she said. “By then it’s too late because of the length of time it takes for the graduated licence system.” 

How long before other schools demand equity in access to driver training? Think it won’t happen? Two words “Swimming Pools”.

The $5000 from Youth Connections plus $2900 from Auckland Transport cut the cost to students to $50. Numbers doing the course have quadrupled to 100 this year, or 25 each term.

Of course the number have increased…it is free to them. Watch this lunacy extend acrossAuckland now it is in the Herald.

The latest intake started their course with a close-up look at cars in the college carpark yesterday and will attend seven after-school classes before sitting their tests. All except three of the 57 who took the courses in the first two terms gained their learner licences.

Wow…a close-up look at cars in a carpark…amazing…do they mean closer that the cars in the driveway of their house? Or on the way to school or at any time in their so far short miserable lives?

Councils should stick to basics not meddle in social policy.


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  • Whanga_Cynic


    • ratesarerevolting

      I have just received my rates for 2013/14 and I can confirm that along with his entire council, assorted bureaucrats and hangers on LBIAFC !!

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Bugger! Thanks for that RAR; I’m still waiting for mine and now I’m dreading opening it!

  • Col

    I have to pay for my sons. I need to become poor to get ahead by the looks of it?
    free giveaways, here we go again.
    Can you tell me out of those 57 who passed, how many were white European.

    • Hazards001

      They were the 3 that failed. It’s hard to keep up with the lessons if they’re not in English!

  • Patrick

    Ratepayers paying for the no doubt non ratepayers to obtain driving licenses. Pray tell where will the cars come from for these freshly qualified drivers?

    • Nechtan

      Don’t go bringing logic into anything regarding the Auckland (or indeed any) council. Also I would assume there was no thought given to the subsidy being recovered once/if the newly licensed drivers became employed?

    • BobaJob

      Good question – certainly not from any jobs created by the government. The silver lining for bigots like Col is that they’ll probably get well paid driving jobs in Aussie.

      • Patrick

        You raise a couple of points – If/when the Greens form Government will these schemes that help the good folk of Auckland obtain driving licenses be cancelled? I mean all that is happening is Len is contributing to further road congestion, global warming etc.
        Are the ratepayers happy that their taxes are being used to “export” these good folk to Australia? Maybe that is Len’s master plan to reduce housing demands/congestion?

    • SJ00

      Was going to ask the same question.. can’t afford the license, so how on earth are they supposed to afford the car to get themselves to these job interviews?

      Answer.. they will do what others in South Auckland do to get a car….

  • Linda

    I thought to get a learner licence all that was needed was to pass a written test? Why do they driver instructors for that?

  • rangitoto

    Does this mean we should expect an improvement of car thieves driving skills?

  • Honcho

    When I was younger I worked an after school job pumping gas and ringing tills at the local service station on minimum wage to pay for my driver’s license, instructors, my car, gas. Some time on now I have continued working hard to advance myself some bright smart sees me as privileged because I have a good job and the means, and wants me to pay for lazy fobs who are too unmotivated to do what I had to do, nobody is holding these kids back but themselves, they will never get ahead with these policies the communists are pushing.

  • philbest

    It is deeply ironic that the Dorkland Council, or at least some part of it, can work out that driving a car increases potential workers access to potential jobs exponentially more than public transport can – but the memo hasn’t reached the actual transport planners yet.

  • jcpry

    This is clearly not going to sit well with many readers of this blog but having had first hand experience in placing young guys into work from that area this is a very real problem. The fact is that most don’t have a licence, many do drive (usually mums car) and many are also fine young people whose families cannot afford the cost of getting a licence.
    Before the bleating starts – there are very few jobs even part time jobs in these areas. And even if there were they would need a licence to get there or the job requires at least a restricted licence. So there is a Catch 22.
    So the questions are:
    1. Do you want unlicensed untrained drivers on the road?
    2. Do you want the kids to have the opportunity to jobs, to better themselves and top pay taxes?
    3. Or are you just happy to let the status quo continue?
    I do not like Len Brown’s politics one bit and having met him on a couple of occasions I am equally unimpressed with the way in which he deports himself. However in this initiative I can easily see a long term pay back to the community.
    Happily we have managed to find jobs for quite a few of the young guys and once given a chance the payback is huge.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Putting aside the role of Loopy Len this item is brings attention to an increasing problem.

    Long gone are the days where the site foreman could chuck the ute keys to the young apprentice and send him off to the pie and bun shop to get morning smoko, assuming all young people had a drivers licence.

    Getting a drivers licence for todays youth is hard and expensive, so a lot just don’t bother.

    This goes all the way up to heavy vehicle drivers who are increasingly hard to find. I have been told of one transport firm who pay a signing on bonus for new drivers with a class 5 licence.

  • Hazards001

    Councils should stick to basics not meddle in social policy.

    100% nailed it!