Liberals attack…hard

This is the Liberals latest attack ad…

I love negative campaigning…that video will hurt because it is true.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Bob Carr, outgoing Labor Party boss Sam Dastyari have been linked to corrupt former MPs Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in a new series of Liberal Party attack TV ads due to be rolled out across NSW tonight. 

The ads accuse Mr Albanese of preselecting Mr MacDonald, Mr Carr of appointing both men to the NSW ministry and Mr Dastyari – who was just elected to the Senate – of being a close associate of both men, who were recently found by ICAC to be corrupt.

The ads accuse Labor of hiding its dirty secrets and claim that nothing ever changes under Labor.

The highly-negative ads will kick of a blitz of negative advertising over the coming week in the lead up to the September 7 poll.


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  • Whafe

    I too love the negative campaigning, this though is beyond that, Labor Au are dead in the water, this is decapitation, yeah ha…..
    Long may it happen here, and rid us of the Pinko’s destroying this country

    • cows4me

      Plenty of material here Whafe but I wouldn’t like the thought of the Pinko’s pushing out hours of attack adds on the taxpayer dollar.

  • AngryTory

    Why don’t we have an ICAC to wipe out unions and Labour in NZ?

    And surely Oz realised what a big mistake not passing the 1951 referendum was!

  • le sphincter

    Oh … you are awful !

    Heard of Robert Askin.. the libs and Nats are far more corrupt. Its the nature of state politics

    • FredFrog

      Askin – How is he relevant to the forthcoming election? He isn’t involved with any current Liberal pollie or the liberal machine. His political career ended over 30 years ago. In fact, he’s dead.

      This bunch of corrupt labor cunts though….they’re in the here and now, and most of them are still cogs in the current labor machine. Vote for labor, vote for corruption.