Like a clock, that stopped during an earthquake



Charlie Gates:

A cafe on Cashel St where this copy of The Press has not been disturbed since the Feb quake. Look at the date


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Even then they were in the headlines, I bet that one was registered too, and as Teacherscock tells us, was protected and worked for by the teacher unions.

  • hookerphil

    The same scenario applied at a cafe on Durham Street amongst the spilt cups etc. Time stayed still for almost 2 years until the building was demolished.

  • Col

    So the teachers were getting shock up as well.
    Many a place was left standing, food places with flies in the window for a year or two.
    I was driving and thought the wheel came off my car, then I saw the trees moving and thought the wind was pushing the car over, then I understood when I saw the footpath moving it was an E/Q