Little Andy gets a dose of the chicken shits

Little Andy has pulled out of the leadership race. Probably a good idea because when Mike Williams speaks disdainfully of your lack of ability to win an electorate seat then you know other members are doing the same.

Andrew Little has opted not to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party.

The position became vacant last week with the resignation of David Shearer and Mr Little’s name was one of three seen as being front runners to take over.

But he said today the party needed someone who could make an immediate impact, Newstalk ZB reported. 

“I’m barely halfway through my first term in Parliament. I am confident there will be at least two strong contenders for the leadership role,” he said.

Barely halfway through his first term, and already been in trouble for defaming a cabinet minister and having to issue a grovelly apology.

Can’t win a seat, angry, short man syndrome, and nasty to boot…his time will be a long time coming.


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  • Todd Dickens

    I love that last line – brill

  • LinkinHawk

    @owl told you so ;)

    • Wot?

      • LinkinHawk

        The Owl Predictor – Andrew Little will be the next Labour Leader

        • Leader of the opposition to the leadership.

        • Exactly. I went head to head saying that was absolutely… not correct :)

  • GregM

    Maybe he’s finally worked out he is about as popular as a fart in a phonebox.

  • GarethsPussy

    “But he said today the party needed someone who could make an immediate impact”

    Like Kim Dot Com rolling down a hill?

  • Little didn’t rule himself out. Everyone else ruled him out. He just woke up to that fact.

    • Hazards001

      Yep so now it’s between a poof and a sanctimonious two faced cunt. Must be fucking awesome to be a labour party supporter right now!

      • GregM

        “Jack” Jones still hasn’t said if he’s running…

        • Hazards001

          He might run but his credibility is shot to shit (hence the jack), sadly for Labour as he’s probably their best option.

          • Garbageman

            i would still vote for a porn freak over the other feaks

          • Hazards001

            So would I if I really wanted to see a left wing government being pulled from pillar to post by the rabid greens on one hand and a geriatric corrupt old fart on the other.
            Think I’ll leave my vote where it might do some good.

        • I’ll almost guarantee he won’t.

  • Positan

    Always more of a “star” in his own mind and those of some determinedly idiotic media spouters. However, in this instance he has proven able to form realistic judgment from early indicators and to remove himself from prospects of immediate, widespread dick-hood.

    HIs chance may come later but I’d very much doubt it, as not one of our former union-sprung MPs (including Savage) ever acquired the perspectives necessary to go beyond noisy utterances and crystalize workable policy that wouldn’t actually increase the masses of the undeserving.

    • AngryTory

      Once a unionist always a unionist.
      Once a unionist, once a communist.
      Once a communist always a communist.

  • Owl

    Lol – I really enjoyed writing the Owl predictor and still maintained that in essence Andrew Little is obsessed with being all powerful.

    Here is the rub.

    Andrew Little has said “he will opt out of the leadership challenge”. That tells you allot. At least Jacinda said “thanks for the public support but I am not interested in running for leader”.

    Two different statements about how they see themselves.

    Andrew Little put himself ahead of the party and let the rumours run. I bet you a $1.00 he started polling for support. Someone said NO.

    However as always the Owl always apologises if I get things wrong. The Owl apologises but if Shane Jones puts his name in the hat – guess what see Andrew Little as a running mate.

    Why? Any candidate needs the unions on side

    • JC

      Why on earth do they need union support when they have “40-50,000” LP members?


      • Because the unions have the financial clout. Or do they? they sure are incompetent when it comes to the accounting…..

        • AngryTory

          They have to put the money somewhere – they crate it up and shovel it to Labour

        • kehua

          It`s always about the money.

    • Yoda

      Obsessed much Little is.
      The way of the dark side run in him yes.

      • Timboh

        Is evident the sourness in him,
        Self destruction he brings, yes

  • Can’t win a seat

    Yep; he turned New Plymouth, New Zealand’s most marginal electorate in 2008 into a safe National seat with a majority of more than 4200 in 2011. That’s a pretty impressive stat to have on your record; not.

  • BAM

    After seeing 3 news.
    The Unions will back Grant Robertson, he’ll fail and be rolled by Little in 2015.
    Little needs a term under his belt before he can run for the PMs job.

  • Blue Rinse

    He has to be highly unliked. He ran for New Plymouth – a supposed safe seat that has been held by Harry Duynhoven for years and he lost.
    Only a prize wanker would lose a safe seat and simply because the electorate decide you are a prize wanker.
    I’m originally from New Plymouth and I know loads of people there – all of whom say he is a nasty piece of work. One called him Satan’s spawn and suggested he should have been out down at birth.
    Little wont last 3 terms. Nobody likes a wanker but more importantly when you colleagues in politics work out te electorate don’t like you either – you live a short life.

    • AngryTory

      Real Kiwis hate unions, unionists, and their political wing – the Labour party.

    • Harry Duynhoven. heavens, there’s a name I haven’t heard for a while.

  • thehawkreturns

    I went to a lecture by Little many years ago. It was outstandingly the most boring lecture I have ever witnessed. Talk about monotone dull. I cannot believe the man has changed. No electorate beyond a mental retard zone would want him.

  • DrFix

    More dodgy union mathematics?

    “I’m barely halfway through my first term in Parliament.”

    My maths makes it way more than halfway.