Little Angry Andy apologises

Remember this?

and this?

Little Angry Andy has now apologised:


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  • LinkinHawk

    Hmm so let me guess David Shearer has put angry little Andy over his knees and givin him a wee spanking.

  • tarkwin

    Take a photo of a pair of stilts and send it to him along with a card saying ” Grow up angry little man”. Can supply a photo if necessary.

  • So you’ve received your apology then Cameron?

    • None forthcoming as yet

      • Sponge

        I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      • jedmo

        Selective about who he gives apologies to? Not contrite, not sincere

  • CJA

    Again another reason why MPs should not be allowed to use Twitter.

    • Garbageman

      i dont agree they truly show how damn ignorant and pompous they really are
      and people like Cam get to own them

  • blokeintakapuna

    When will he apologise for calling employers “parasites”?
    So, if no apology is received… can NZ Inc assume he still believes that? And if so, does Shearer condone that thinking too?
    NZLP.. the best electioneering tool National have ever had!

    • Bunswalla

      I’ll shorten it for you Bloke:


    • Owl

      There is still the $6m write off in NZEBA Ltd to be answered. Working on that at the moments.
      Really this is appalling comment and retraction is not needed…it’s says what he thinks..he wants to be served and not serve

  • Lion_ess

    Something sad and pathetic with the lunatic impulsives trying to untweet their tweets.

  • Garbageman

    only one thing worse than gutless little worms and thats spineless little worms not actually being man enough to own their comments

  • Col

    MPs should think before they say anything, do anything, but best to shout up.

    • Ducky

      and tweet confirming he is a proper real twit!

  • rockape

    Can someone explain why this is worse or better than Gillmores stupidity. At least Gillmore had the excuse of being drunk!

    • sheppy

      Doesn’t make much difference in my book, the actions of both of them prove they are f*ckwits and unfit for public office

    • peterwn

      They both attacked a employees in the course of their duties. Andrew Little should have known better, the only excuse he might have is he thought he was taking a swipe at AirNZ, but in reality took a swipe at a worker – as a former trade unionist he should have known better. But then again, union officials are often tactless and undiplomatic when dealing with stroppy members.

      • WayneO

        He should have dealt with it in the typical union fashion. Take the “non-conforming” worker out the back and deliver a kicking from a few rented thugs.

        • peterwn

          And then be condemned to fly Jetstar (or take the Intercity bus) for ever.

      • Ducky

        you got to be gormless to belong to a union and get blown up by an EX union president. Air NZ workers should all quit their unions unless they are pretty thick skin.

  • 4077th

    MP’s + Social Media = FAIL

    • andrew carrot

      You forgot to add MediaWorks TV hosts.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Tired and emotional perhaps?

    • That’s the euphemism for….

      never mind

  • Ducky

    Oh, we are the circus and he is the clown.. ha ha ha.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Image the attitude if this angry little wimp ever gets in a position of power

  • Mr_Blobby

    “oh look the circus is here. The clowns are first as usual” I think he needs more practice.

  • Justsayn

    Andy did a Little Gilmore eh!

    It is great – unionist moans about service from a low paid worker while in a Koru lounge and then apologises on twitter.

    Seems likely the original tweet was fueled by Koru lounge alcohol paid for by the hard working tax payer.

    • Bunswalla

      Not a Happy Gilmore it would seem

      • Justsayn

        Probably just been told that he might have to wait until after the next election to be appointed their dear leader

        • Dave

          Love the new avatar. If only Campbell knew it!

    • Ducky

      A Gilmore has more balls than chicken A Little, he RESIGNED!.

  • LesleyNZ

    Circus? Clowns? Talking about the Labour Party?

  • Ducky

    Angry Little Bird’s apology:” so sorry You Air NZ staff Don’t know who I AM?.. You will be sorry! “

  • Jonathan Pull

    He mouthed off, Got called out, owned his words and apologized.
    no real story at all.

    • I’m telling the story, not you

    • WayneO

      A most insincere apology. The left wing / union powers that be would have taken him aside and had a few quiet words.

  • rockape

    I have a dream! Labour leadership challenge, a few days later, JK calls the election. Labour dont face up for election debates, National get in with 53% of the vote. We change the term to 4 years Labour collapse and form a formal alliance with the Greens, meanwhile ACT and the Conservatives form an alliance and a certain little fat guy comes back with a yellow jacket to lead them! Edit I forgot Winney he ends up in a nice warm home for the mentally challenged.

  • Dave

    I think Andrew needs to remember rule no 2.

    Never bite the hands that feed you Andrew.

    I recall that AirNZ staffers are intensely proud of their Airline, (as they should be) and most are also protective of their beloved airline and employer. Strange that a lot are also members of a union Andrew, YES Andrew, union members that pay fees that Keep you and your union buddies at the trough. Next time, instead of whinging, why not think a little, yunno, engage brain.

    • peterwn

      I remember when Bob Jones said that Air NZ hostesses were ‘ugly’. That required a high level response – ‘There is nothing wrong with being called ugly by a toad said the Air NZ Chairman’. Honour was restored.

      • Sponge

        I dont think it was ugly he called them – from memory it was “hideously gargoyled”

        • Sponge

          Which, I might add, was true at the time and appears to be going that way again now.

          • WayneO

            Yes. Where did the eye candy go? It’s like flying United. Ugh.

          • Sponge

            I am going to be on United on Sunday and it is a terrifying thought – the hideous old crones who are waiting until retirement (and would make a gargoyle look sexy)and a gaggle of poncing poofs. Without any shadow of a doubt the worst airline outside of the 3rd world.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The circus is here? Clowns first? Sheesh Andrew, the EPMU have been around for years and failing their members for the same amount of time. Circus and clowns indeed.

    • Time For Accountability

      There is a correlation of the drop in union members that mirrors the declining Labour vote.

      The interesting think is that most green voters are not union members. You can’t belong to a union if Paula is paying your keep. As a deceased friend used to say each tax day. My contribution to the great unwashed.

  • Positan

    That which most typifies virtually all Labour MPs is their breathtaking sense of their own importance, coupled with, (in complete contrast to their party’s long-spouted propaganda as to representing the less fortunate among us), their unbelievable arrogance towards everything to which they feel entitled.

    Big tough Little, former union-boss and self-imagined future leader of Labour, has only shown how meaningfully LITTLE he really is.

    What’s new about that?

  • Gungadin

    Message to Andy … Avoid eating any Air NZ food on planes or in the lounges for a year or two, your card is officially marked . However your Little tweets from a hospital whilst you are getting your tummy pumped could be amusing.

    • GazzW

      I would suggest that any checked-in luggage bearing his name and Koru tag could well head in a different direction from Little Andrew. Air NZ staffers have long memories. That was not a very wise move Andrew.

      • williamabong

        Even better would be for Angry Little Andy to arrive at his destination to find a large turd curled lovingly in his checked luggage.

    • Timboh

      Harsh but fair.That’s the tradition. Actually Mr Little probably knows about this tactic of the ‘noble workers” as he is so fond of spending their money.

  • GregM

    “the circus is here” Snigger !

  • The Boss

    In honour of Andrew Little I sacked 5 staff for looking sympathetic.

  • The Boss

    Just fired 3 more for being dicky little whiny poo stains.

  • Gozz

    I’d pay lots of money to watch John Key beat Andrew Little like a bad monkey at a Fight for Life boxing match.

  • Dumrse

    This list is going to need its own blog shortly…

    • Sponge


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