Locals fighting back against dam proposals

People in Hawkes Bay are pissed off about the socialist dam some ratbag on the staff at the regional council is pushing without any demand for a dam from the voting public. This video is a bit soft because it doesn’t name names or attack socialists for being bludging ratbags wanting to waste ratepayers money on their pet project.

The socialists behind the dam want to spend $280m of taxpayer and ratepayer money to build a bloody great socialist dam. The socialists don’t really care about returns so they have spent over $15m without doing a proper economic analysis. They also don’t care about the environment, because they want to set the permissible levels of pollution in the Tukituki to toxicity.

Toxicity means what it sounds. The Tukituki, if nutrients levels are set at toxicity, will be toxic. You cant swim in toxic rivers, and you cant take fish or watercress. Toxicity means ducks and other shootable waterfowl do not survive.

Socialism is evil in all its forms, and the socialists wanting to run massive hand-outs to build a dam with ratepayers money need a good kick in the arse.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Dam right there Cam!

  • Never in the dark…..

  • cows4me

    I don’t get the socialist bit, more “hysteria” I’m picking . It was stated that a yearly cost of $2000 to 3000 a year per hectare irrigated would have to be meet by farmers, how the fuck is that socialism. Yeah plenty of “hysteria” here, especially for those paying the bills. Clearly the project does not stack up when it comes to the financials, I for one wouldn’t want a bar of it. Either someone knows something most don’t and is pushing it for their own purposes or this is just typical nimby “hysteria”.

  • David Broome

    The Green Taliban will be so proud of you WO.

  • Patrick

    Tukituki River really is a stunning place, was there in June a few years back – watching the video it is funny how we invoke the Maori traditional rights etc when it suits our argument, same was done near my home town when a local cocky tried to plant windmills all over his west coast property. Rest of the time we call Maori a bunch of bludging ne’er do wells with their hands out finding taniwha everywhere someone wants to build something.

  • BJ

    Now here is an issue that is important to get right and it actually means something to a large group of people – rather than the usual manufactured hysteria by the likes of Campbell Live that he sinks his teeth into. Something that seriously matters.

    John Campbell did some rather weak reporting on this a while back – time for a more energetic followup.