Loves me a good conspiracy. This guy should look into the moon landing…


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  • Grantavius

    If you believe that this is a serious exposition then this is Poe’s Law in action. Maddox was satirising the “Loose Change” video.

    • James Howlett

      Grantavius, are you saying this video about the Titanic sinking conspiracy is supposed to be satire?

      • P1LL

        No way that it is satire James, the man has got proof.
        Just look at the spoons V ice experiment to see that he is correct ;)

        • James Howlett

          Oh I agree entirely, I was convinced by the Metal > Ice scale model demonstration but perhaps we’re both wrong?

          • Ratchet

            Don’t doubt Maddox, this is the man that has managed to get his website blocked in every apple store in the US, and totally BANNED in Dubai!

  • WayneO

    10/10. That scale model was a beautiful thing.