Lucky the judge intervened

Lucky the judge intervened otherwise this child may well have been yet another victim of Silly First Name Syndrome. Pity the judge couldn’t save the mother from the same fate.

A judge in the southern US state of Tennessee has ordered parents who named their son Messiah to change it.

“The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ,” Judge Lu Ann Ballew said in the ruling last week, according to the newspaper¬†The Tennessean.

The parents of the seven month old boy had gone to court because they could not decide what the child’s last name would be – the father’s or the mother’s.¬†

The judge ordered that the child go by the last names of both, and along the way surprised everyone by ordering the first name be changed as well – to Martin.

The mother, Jaleesa Martin, is appealing. She said she and the father had not named the baby Messiah for religious reasons but rather because they liked the way it sounded.

The judge said it was the first time she ordered a name change.


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  • a+random+reader

    I don’t have a problem with naming a kid Messiah.

    It’s the equivalent to naming a kid Mohammed.

    The name Messiah isn’t offensive, so the judge is clearly over-reaching here. It’s particularly ironic when you consider that the US Constitution was deliberately framed to stop public officials from enforcing state religion upon citizens.

    • Garbageman

      heard on the radio this morning the most popular name in Britain is Harry followed closely by Mohammed …just sayin

    • Never in the dark…..

      Not the same. If you were looking to draw a parallel, it’d be Jesus.

      • Orange

        Parallel would be closer to either Allah or God.

        • Never in the dark…..

          I meant for Mohammed.

  • surfisup

    lots of people call themselves jesus.

    Hasn’t only one person earnt that name too?

    • Harroputza

      Jesus is a name, just the name of a particularly famous person(/God, depending on your persuasion) like Mohammed or Adam or Moses.

      Messiah means “annointed”, which is the same as the Greek Christos, whence we get Christ. Therefore, Jesus Christ is roughly equivalent to saying Alexander the Great or Augustus Caesar.

      Let’s just agree that the kid is better off as Martin.

      • HtD

        Martin’s a pretty shitty name, though.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    He’s not the Messiah he just has a very naughty mother…

    Sounds like her Honour is a zealot. There’s a few million Muslims, Zoroastrans, Rastafarians, Taoists and cargo cultists who’d disagree with the bigot.

    Oh, and a few hundred members of NZ First.

  • Mike

    Everyone knows 0bama is the new messiah.

  • island time

    I thought my name was “Jesus stop doing that” for quite some time…..then I turned six and figured out it was something different