Making Peter Goodfellow look Good

We spent thiiiis much on the new HQ

We spent thiiiis much on the new HQ

The National party conference will be a major thank Peter Goodfellow exercise, with everyone saying “can I acknowledge Peter” yet none will know what he has done or how far behind Judy Kirk as a president.

There will be a large trophy donation announced at conference, so it looks like Peter is doing his job not just taxing electorates. The problem for Peter is that after nearly five years in power National haven’t delivered to donors so donors aren’t taking his calls or going to his events any more. He is now relying on two legally dubious fundraising methods, auctions and selling dinners with the Prime Minister. Both tactics thy appear to have picked up from Labour. 

Auctions are used by National to skirt around the election donations rules. Someone bids a lot of money for some object of limited value and it doesn’t have to be recorded by National as over a declarable threshold. National skirts the laws and picks up two anonymous donations, one from the person that gave the auction item, and one by the person that buys the auction item.

Word in political circles is that the most money for National is now coming from Chinese donors buying dinner with the PM, often through auctions so it is undeclarable. Very wealthy Chinese immigrants drop a stack of cash for the dinner with the PM and Goodfellow looks good.

Luckily for Peter Goodfellow Labour and the Greens are too stupid to look into his fundraising. But then again their own methods of fundraising are probably even more suspect.


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  • Greg Presland

    Did Kim Dotcom ever have dinner with John Key?

    • GPIAFC

      Did you intend to continue sucking Winston’s cock in the hope of getting over the 50% threshold and more to the point do you still take it long and hard up the chook from Silent T ?

    • Patrick

      KDC was too busy entertaining David Fisher

    • Did David Ciunliffe?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Peter will probably have less disposable in the future because the foreign fishing vessels his fishing company charters will soon have to actually pay the crew and keep payroll records.

    • as well as their multi-million dollar fines for polluting US waters

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Kiwi, but now Aussie comedian John Clarke has traversed over the subject of diners for donors with prime ministers.

    BRYAN DAWE: Could wealthy donors change law under the current administration?

    JOHN CLARKE: No, couldn’t happen. David Cameron went to Eton.

  • Patrick

    Whale you keep harping on about Goodfellow, why don’t you get a few beers onboard & then beat the shit out of him? Put your differences to bed once & for all.

    • Because that would assault, and while Peter might be more attune to those sorts of activities I am not.

  • cows4me

    “Luckily for Peter Goodfellow Labia and the Melons are to stupid to look into his fundraising”, good one Whale, at least we know you’ll never work for the GCSB.

  • Monique Angel

    Peter Goodfellow equates personal wealth with respect. Possibly pays lip service to females but not-so-secretly hates them.
    Goodfellow has been abetted by the hitherto abundant, traditional National Party voters who crowd around the Vestiges of Office like Ticks at a Deer Party.
    Unfortunately his actions to date do not equate to any real grassroots fervor.

  • cossackstomper

    He has done really well with his 36% share in Sanfords fisheries, and isn’t facing any quota reductions in fisheries area 1. Yet the recreational fisherman has to where it on the chin with a possible limit reduction to 3 smell fishey or what?

    • Monique Angel

      Smells like fish. Tastes like chicken