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Credit: wikimedia

Credit: wikimedia


Countries that don’t use the metric system.


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  • 4077th

    Yes, they have stupid paper sizes as well.

    • tarkwin

      The Europeans use those strange B sizes. Mind you all computer are imperial.

  • Shoreboy57

    UK should be part red, (source wikipedia):

    Non-metric units, allowed by United Kingdom law for economic, public health, public safety or administrative use from 1 January 2000, are limited to:the mile, yard, foot and inch for road traffic signs, distance and speed measurement, the imperial pint for the dispensing of draught beer and cider, and for the sale of milk in returnable containers,the acre for land registration and the troy ounce for transaction in precious metals

    • Michael

      same with Canada. Despite using metric officially, its all imperial. In some cases they mix it. I was in Home Depot last time I was in Toronto, saw a display for a kitchen bench that was $20 per square meter by 1/2 inch..

    • Patrick

      Mostly forced to change by the imperialists in Brussels

  • GregM

    Aviation is still imperial, feet, miles etc.

    • Honcho

      Yes and no, for air traffic the global standard is all imperial measurement (altitude in feet, speed in knots), aircraft themselves can be either metric or imperial depending on which country made them, the French being incredibly stubborn in their use of the metric system, or in some cases a combination of the two, English or US powerplants on a European Airframe.

      • GregM

        Very true. RR engines on an airbus cause a few headaches for the LAME’s

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    In the US illegal drugs are still measured in kilos and grams

  • NeillR

    “Metric is smaller. So therefore do you really think gas you are paying $3.50 a gallon will go down? NO we will be paying $3.50 a liter and companies will be making even more profit.”

    • Hazards001


  • blokeintakapuna

    Give them an inch… And they take 1.609 kilometres…

  • greenwelly

    Anyone bought a car tyre or rims recently, bet they were measured in inches…..

    • Honcho

      Only specialty tyres are measured in inches (competition, 4wd, and classic/vintage tyres), most common road tyres have their widths in metric, their section heights in a percent of the metric width, and only the rim diameter in inches.

  • Jman

    When I watch Top Gear, Clarkson is always banging on about how many miles per hour the car goes.

    • hookerphil

      The cricketers tonight will be bowling m.p.h.

    • GregM

      Yeah, and how many “horsepowers” it produces,

  • Steve (North Shore)

    What’s wrong with something that is 5 meters long and 6 foot wide?
    Next we will have a Metric Rights Bill which will allow the Metric dicks to marry each other without interference from the Imperial ones.
    8 inches sound better than 20 centemeters

  • FredFrog

    In the UK, petrol is dispensed by the litre, and distance is measured by the mile. Almost impossible to work out your cars fuel consumption.

  • The metric system is the tool of the devil. My car gets forty rods to the hogs head and that’s the way I likes it


  • thehawkreturns

    Never thought I would say “Good on the Yanks”! Who would have thought that they had a claim to a unique culture worth spending my tourist dollar on? But as the rest of the world sinks into IslamoPCblindness I salute the defenders of the Imperial system. Even if their gallons are a wee bit short…

  • Ratchet

    The marine industry is still predominantly imperial too – try ordering a propeller in metric units and I’ll look at you sideways, but if you ask for a 24 x 20 x 3 to go on an 1-3/4″ shaft, SAE taper, I’ll know exactly what you’re talking bout!

    • Hazards001

      Radius x width x pitch?

      • Ratchet

        Diameter, pitch, blade count. Only idiots that worry about radius are guys like me who need to make sure they put enough metal back on the blades when they repair them!

    • GregM

      My old Cavalier 45 had exactly that size :-)

      • Ratchet

        Ha! I did think for a minute to make sure I specified a size that people actually use – looks like my brain is working okay after all.

  • P1LL

    I still can only visualise a persons height in feet & inches , & I was born in 65.

    • GregM

      Me too. 1964.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I believe pipe fittings and plumbing equipment are still in imperial sizes, but you can also measure their sizes using the metric system because their wall thicknesses fit it perfectly. They also talk about nominal bore sizes in metres now too, but most older tradesmen still think in imperial measurements. Some roofers and sheet metal workers I’ve met talk about gauges too. They are easy to convert. I tell people that 16 gauge = 1.6mm, 14 = 1.8mm and 18 = 1.2mm. 16 is a focal point and the sizes deviate away from this by a factor of -2. It is very surprised how many people I used to trade with talked in imperial measurements. I am sure they knew the metric system, but it wasn’t intuitive and they had to pause to convert it. Most of my other co-workers only knew metric so the tradesmen have probably now adapted to it.
    I might be the only guy under thirty with a university arts degree who knows any of this shit, haha.
    Always grateful to have had a father who had a real job and could show me useful things, otherwise I’d be a lot like the other useless millennial products of the state education system which was taken over by loony large PC women in the late 70s.

  • wjong

    Does the US, Liberia, and Mynamar, have electrical power? Do they have cars?
    Electrical units such as volt, and watt are derived from the ampere, one of the base units of the metric system.
    Cars in the US, and almost all cars worldwide, are manufactured with metric bolts nuts and fasteners.
    How do hospitals, medical practitioners, and healthcare workers dipense medical suppies in the US? They use metric measurements, milligrams, and millilitres just like in NZ.
    All countries worldwide use metric measures. In the US, the metric system has been official, and legal since the US Metric Act of 1866. However in the US its a secondary system of measurement.
    US Customary (USC) units are the primary system of measurement in the US.
    The map in wrong .. It should state. “Countries that dont use the metric system as their primary system of measurement.”