Mental health break

Here’s one for thor42


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  • thor42

    Great – thanks for that!

    Yeah, that’s a classic clip – one of my favourites!

    He sure as hell doesn’t hold back when it comes to Islam – good on him!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    He has a good point, regrettably lost on our Islamist jihadists, one, 20, 37, 54 or 72 virgins are probably of no use if your cock is in a million shreds on the floor. What don’t they get about that?

    • thor42

      Well, the virgins are supposed to be waiting for them in the “afterlife” (not in real life), so that’s why they like to blow themselves up – in order to join them. The humping is supposed to take place in *that* life, not this one.

      It’s the same old BS line that has been used for ages. “You’ll get 72 virgins”. “The cheque is in the mail.” “Tomorrow I start my diet” and so on.
      Btw, the correct number *is* 72, so I have no idea as to where he got the other figures from.

      • “gimme a couple of fire breathin’ whooooores!”

        • Sandysure

          He’s a treat to see live- animated and captivating

  • Bad__Cat

    Absolutely Fucking Brilliant!
    I can’t stand people that cannot laugh at themselves.

  • HeyJude

    Hallelujah ! About fucking time the comedians starting taking the piss out of Islam. This is gold.

  • P1LL

    This is not about Islam , but have a laugh @ this

    Jim Jefferies – I swear to god