MPI Panics, Ctd

It’s now day 4 of MPI’s colossal advertising campaign designed to slaughter Nutricia and the Karicare infant formula brand.

Clearly the panic in MPI under Nathan Guy continues.

While everyone else is moving on, MPI have obviously decided to stick to the ad-spend no matter what damage it may be doing.

Maybe they’d like to venture out into the supermarkets and actually see what’s happening on the shop shelves. They may actually see that Nutricia’s Karicare is back on the shelves in spite of the govt-funded campaign to scare every living consumer off the product. 

Here’s a WO hint for MPI – campaigns work when flexibility is weaved into them. Right now MPI is making Basil Fawlty look calm.


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  • GazzW

    Clearly MPI’s ad agency account manager is well in control of the situation and factoring the campaign ad-spend commissions into his annual bonus. Let the good times roll!

    This issue needs to be put into maintenance mode now and let market forces take over.

  • Kurrunulla

    ..and I repeat – Wayne McNee picked a great time to cut and run didn’t he? Couldn’t possibly have seen what was going to happen in a crisis? Tui moment.

  • Hillary Green

    I’m getting quite angry about these ads now. Which mother would not have known by now that those brands “may” have been affected? Ah, perhaps none!

    If a Government department is allowed to continued these ads then the company Nutricia should be able to seek compensation for brand damage from MPI.

  • Red

    Maybe some science would’ve been a help earlier on…. Start 2 min into this clip for a sane explanation of when botulism – isn’t. Bit like a seed – aint a plant…