MPI Panics

If you ever want to see a Government department not think about unintended consequences, all you have to do is open up the newspapers and see their full-page ads announcing recall of infant formula.

I?posted the other day about this Fonterra thingy, that while a complete PR fiasco for Fonterra, some perspective is needed. See not a single person has died, not a single person has fallen ill and there hasn?t been scores of people admitted to hospitals the world over.

But MPI has to be seen doing something.

So it?s spending a fortune on print ads and online banner ads like these.

Maybe MPI hasn?t quite thought about some perspective. Because by the way they are handling this Nutricia is now getting a very public flogging for something not of their doing.? The plastering of Nutricia?s Karicare products all over the media will result in driving consumers away from anything made by Nutricia.

The result is massive brand damage to Nutricia, and dumb consumers thinking everything made by Nutricia must be bad and therefore to be avoided.

MPI is now actually making the problem Fonterra has even more damaging. Or is this just an attempt to throw someone else under the bus, while the Govt works out how to help its best buddy Fonterra out?

Then again look at the Minister leading them.

Captain Mainwaring?will not be impressed.