Nash blames Mold for Shearer’s demise

Stuart Nash has blamed Fran Mold and other useless staff in the leader’s office for the demise of the leadership of his mate David Shearer.

I actually think Fran Mold needs to put up her hand and say look, maybe I didn’t do things as well as I could have in terms of media relations. Alistair Cameron perhaps has to as Chief of Staff. But Alistair’s a very good man and I’ve had a couple of conversations with Alistair, but you know the bottom line is David is the Leader, but I just think if he had spent all his time up and down the country, cos he is a good man, he’s a man of absolute integrity, he’s a man of fantastic values, and he could have been a good Prime Minister. But what I’m talking about, this isn’t rocket science Rachel, this isn’t the first time this has been said. This is what every leader in New Zealand and across the western world does if they want to be Prime Minister, President, you name it. They get out and they meet the people, and they find out what the real issues are.  

He won’t commit to a preference for leader…

[I]t looks like at the moment and let’s be honest – it looks like it’s going to be Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe. Now Shane Jones may put up his hand and I hope he does, and in fact I hope we have four or five people put up their hand and we have town hall debates up and down this country with these five people putting forward a vision for how New Zealand could be. But let’s say it is Cunliffe and it is Robertson, well I will make my choice cos I’m a member so I get a vote, I’ll make my choice after hearing the candidates and who I think is the best person to first of all, and most importantly, unify the caucus. That is the number one thing, they’ve gotta unify the caucus. The second thing – who can sell a vision to New Zealand, who can convince New Zealanders that Labour is now ready to govern.

Stuart has it right there at the end…Labour still is not ready to govern.


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  • JC

    It has to be Cunliffe if Jones is impossible because Cunny is the only other one who knows that nearly all of Labour’s current policies are crap and must be ditched after a successful election.

    Only a duplicious arsehole can save something of the Labour brand and run the country on a sound basis.


  • blueballs

    Can any one tell me why this guy is not an mp anymore, when i watched and listened to this interview i did’nt experience the sudden urge to projectile vomit like i normally do listening to all the other labour members. I actually found myself thinking, this is exactly the type of personality the labour party should be promoting in a leader. He seemed articulate, confident, well versed and most importantly believable.

    • Timmy

      Good question BB. I’ve met Nash and he seems a decent bloke and as you said, is believable and credible. He seems like the sort of person who would resonate with younger professional voters (i.e. the ones who recognise the “experience” of the Arderns and Hipkins of this world is actually pretty limited). I think it says a lot about Labour that he was ranked below some of the others who got in in 2011!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    30 seconds – spray and walk away and Mould is gone!!! Don’t believe me? Listen to our Chinese expert here!

    • Mr_V4

      Sir Cullen’s sidekick whatever will you do with yourself now that your position of shadow minister for online propaganda for Sheep has been rendered redundant?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Have you not been upgraded to V5 yet?? I am now shamelessly joined Curryleaf’s camp as he is going to be the winner. Curryleaf-Cindy ticket – way to treasury benches soon….will tax you all to death bros…

        • Mr_V4

          Be careful with those Curryleaves, don’t want to get stomach cramps and diarrhea