Nasty and Low, Mallard goes after families

With Labour leaderless it’s left to Trevor Mallard to go low.

What a total shambles they are.

He then followed up that performance with a press release demanding repayment. 

Since he seems so keen on repayment of people inappropriately obtaining benefit after quitting their job perhaps he might like to demand David Shearer likewise cough up for his over-payments.

The Leader of the Opposition is paid:  $262,700

Vs Backbencher: $144,600

The difference is $118,100

That amounts to an extra $2,271 a week that Shearer’s collecting on leave as leader of the opposition while no longer being in the role.

For the record the median weekly income is around $560… so David  Shearer is collecting more than four times this amount by sitting on his arse on gardening leave while Labour and the Opposition remain leaderless…on top of that he will still be availing himself, no doubt, of the ministerial limousines until one of the three stooges takes over.

Trevor Mallard has opened Labour up now to personal attacks against members of their families. Since Trevor Mallard doesn’t really have a record of building families, rather he prefers wrecking, them it is a bit rich for him to lead off this attack.

The new Labour leader needs to show they are family friendly by sacking Trevor Mallard and with the EPMU and SWFU in his electorate if he doesn’t go they should be able to stitch up a selection for the Anyone But Trevor candidate…perhaps a little judicious jiggery-pokery with the boundaries wouldn’t go amiss either.

In any case it looks like the Nasty Party is well and truly back now.


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  • Blue Tim

    I’m no real fan of Nick Smith but this is another outrageous attack by Mallard. It should be open season on the anti-family hypocrites of the left now.

  • Under labour, all our children belong to the state.

    • le sphincter

      The problem is the unpaid rent.

      Emphasis on the word UNPAID.

      Does notorious court witness fixer Smith now want to skip without paying rent, and hes the Minister of Housing.
      Nothing to do with children.

      Quelle Horreur

      • Let’s assume this is a a genuine issue, and nobody has lied.

        How can anyone owe $10,800 for two weeks rent and housekeeping?

      • kehua

        The Answer was buttface, “Parliamentary Services approved the extension as with every and any case deserving of such a decision.“ Now bugger offback under your Rock.

        • mike

          Sort of like how they have allowed the 3 amigos their whistle stop tour of NZ on the crown…

          I don’t agree with it (blatant troughing) but until the rules are changed…

  • This is the difficulty that the leaderless Labour Party now has. Renegade MP’s like Trevor Mallard seem to think they have carte blanche to run all sorts of gutter attack lines like this.

    I will endorse any of the Three Amigos who pledges to cut Mr Mallard’s political oxygen supply off, and put him out to pasture next year.

  • Alloytoo

    Mallard is really the lowest form of scum.

  • Mallard has shown himself to be completely bereft of any decent qualities whatsoever. And he has truly proved this with this scurrilous piece of misguided showmanship. Let Karma rule! We need a campaign against this horrible little man. TAke every chance you get, people!

    • benniedawg

      ‘Mallard has shown himself to be completely bereft of any decent qualities’. So true. His efforts as minister of education saw off many good people through his crass disregard of trade skills v university quals. But hey! What should feature on red radio the other day. ‘Your average Y9 (F3) student doesn’t know the difference between a screwdriver and a chisel’. Surprised not!

  • cows4me

    You really have to wonder what goes through Mallards head. I guess the few die hard lefty supporters might be pleased with the ministers performance but to most he just comes over as petty and nasty. Besides I’m sure Mallard would not be shy in taking anything he hasn’t personally paid for, he’s a tosser, always has been and always will be.

  • Michael

    How ,much is the Labour Party Leadership Idol tour costing us?

  • mike

    I hope National doesn’t take the cheap shots against families… stay true guys, stick to the high ground and attack the useless buggers opposite… they are fair game!

  • Allyson

    Helen Kelly would look good in Wainui’. No need to manban Trevor, just sack the fucker and give him a list position in the 30’s

  • 5th rate attack by the 5th rate Labour leader. After losing their first leader, and then three aspiring leaders in the space of a couple of days, Labour is left to lean on Trevor the old war horse to try and get a hit in. And what a hit it is – essentially criticising the Government for something that his current leader is doing as you read this right now: taking some time to get his affairs in order.

  • williamabong

    When is someone going to drag Mallard outside and give him the hiding he so richly deserves, his contribution to parliament is zero or even less

  • Rusty B

    Mallard is lower than Corgi’s balls.
    The score: Nick Smith 10 Mallard, a duck!

  • peterwn

    I had been wondering about David Shearer’s situation. Presumably, until the Opposition informs Mr Speaker that its leader is no longer a leader, he remains in the job as far as Parliamentary Services is concerned and is entitled to the pay and perks of a Minister. Perhaps Labour should have ‘appointed’ (since it has the numbers in opposition) its longest serving MP to have been acting leader until a new appontment.

    Trevor forgot to deduct a backbench accommodation allowance from the figure allegedly owing. Moreover 41 Pipitea St looked rather run down when I rubbernecked through it at an open home – whether it would even fetch anywhere near $1,800 pw rental for a short let is doubtful. There is no garage, for example.

    Own goal by Trevor Mallard here.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Where’s Meg? Doesn’t she put herself up as the expert as to the fear in the hearts of politicians! Labour must be terrified to put up an attack this low as to go after the children of a politician!

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Meg is a 130kg sweaty bloke and works for Labour, and grooms young boys over the Internet. GCSB are on to it.

    • GazzW

      Meg could well be Trev.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Brown Lee gives a sucker punch at the end….

    • mike

      Is Brown Lee a relative of Bruce Lee? I suspect that Brown Lee would have slightly more difficulty executing a spinning back kick.

  • Macca

    Mallard should be forced to pay back his salary for trying to impersonate a minister! What a complete and utter fuckwit he is!

    • le sphincter

      For revealing the Minister of Housing has dodged paying rent ?

      What planet stupid do you live on

      • Macca

        Well if it isn’t the shit calling the shovel dirty! Back to your usual ignorant and poorly researched comments I see!
        Suggest you LISTEN to the clip again!

  • Aiden

    I want to be fair to Mallard because I believe he was just stating new Labour Party Policy that means when you are kicked out of a house you would no longer have any legal right to a time length before you have to vacate it, it would seem that under labours new law that Mallard is hinting at you would have to vacate a house straight away.

  • metalnwood

    This sort of stuff is like the cuban missile crisis. One prick, in this case the duck comes to the table with a little stinger missile and hopes for a hit. Unsure of his damage he starts to dodge bigger missiles coming back.

    All the while everyone sits back hoping world war three doesnt start by some twit doing a tell all in parliament about an infidelity and the next minute there are 18 divorces in the pipeline across all parties, a number of resignations for bad and illegal behaviour and in general a big clean up.

    I bet when this line of questioning comes up there are at least 20 people all sweating wondering of this is the day their secrets are let out.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Mallard is a cunt. All of Labour’s front bench have turned into cunt mode. Fuck em all.

  • jabba

    what a fkg arsehole .. he is a disgrace and yet again shows why he must go.

  • opusx

    Seriously, this is all Labour can come up with at question time? So very very sad.

  • FredFrog


  • peterwn

    Occurred to me a National backbencher should chuck Hekia a patsy about school venue rentals – particularly Western Springs, Wellington Girls’ and Kings and Queens High. Labour has hired these venues for the leaders’ aspirants’ roadshows and hopefully are paying market rentals.

    I also wonder if David Shearer would not have allowed Trevor’s question, but now the cat is away …

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      The serial rooter is out of his box.

  • williamabong

    The other point here is how much of the houses time was wasted gobbing on about this shit, FFS some point Trev out of his misery the cunt is a waste of time, space, and oxygen

  • YoungA

    Isn’t this ironic? In a turn of events, after all the slack Paula Bennet got for “targeting” beneficiaries, Mallard is hunting down (probably) his OWN voting base?? Is he a National party mole like Shearer was??

  • rouppe

    $5,400 a week for a ministerial house? Wow. Even for a $2.5 million dollar house that seems a lot

    • le sphincter

      It was for six weeks, he stayed till the end of term.

      It was a $2 mill house ( now owned by National Party, I bet they wont let him stay rent free ) at about $1800 a week, including weekly sheet changing service.

      It just reeks of the sense of entitlement, we seen the same with Gilmore

      • johnbronkhorst

        and the sense of entitlement when Key allowed EVERY out going labour minister in 2008 all the time they needed to vacate the houses? Hypocrites much? These allowances have been made for decades, so as not to disrupt the families of ministers leaving office, no matter which party was in power!!!

  • Phil

    What a sad old goat Mallard is, expect him to be grumpier and more irrelevant as he watches his cushy job disappear on his way to the back bench and future obscurity. Won’t be long till the best job he can get is marching with Sue toxic Bradford and Penny not very Bright.

  • Phar Lap

    Television Lie-bour Party alias TVNZ reported the story on news.They pinpointed Nick Smith with flap jaw Mallard making his play.That was that ,not a word about the double dipping of Shearer.Wonder how a biased TVNZ news outfit ,gets away with such a type of news omission.

  • LinkinHawk

    Nick Smith should pay this money back!! just because Mallard is a piece of worthless shit, doesn’t make it ok for smith to be freeloading prick ,and using the excuse that it would inconvenience him and his kids is irrelevant .

    • Michael_S2

      And Heen Clark and all the Labour Ministers voted out of offices should pay up for the time they took to vacate Miisterial homes after the 2008 election.

      • LinkinHawk

        If they were freeloading yes they should, that goes for all ministers in any party, they suck enough money from my taxes not to be living rent free

  • KME

    Look what happens when there is no one there to hold Mallards leash.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Actually any landlord knows that you have to give 6 weeks notice if you want a tenant to move out and 3 months notice if you want to change the terms of their tenancy.

  • Jonathan Pull

    Thats just knit picking and pretty low really.
    He resigned in a haste and finding accommodation isnt always a fast exercise.
    Sadly all to typical for Mallard.

    • mike

      Look at Dunne, good example of losing perks once the situation was clarified… and I’m pretty sure everyone knows Shearer is not the head of Labour anymore.

      • Jonathan Pull

        If thats the case and it is definite that Shearer is no longer leader he shouldn’t be receiving the leaders salary as Smith was clearly by his resignation no longer a minister. Both cases are very clear.

  • Johnny T

    Utterly disgraceful. Mallard is a nasty cunt that is for sure.

  • drummerboy

    did i just hear someone drop an F bomb after Jerry spoke? haha

  • P1LL

    They all act like primary school children . We should all be ashamed that our elected representatives behave like little children in the debating chamber .