Not plain sailing for Rudd

This is a great sledge against Kevin Rudd’s boat people policy. It just goes to show the power of people banding together. Funded by their own means, with a budget of $600, and now it is splashed all across the media in Australia.


A GROUP of middle-class Aussie taxpayers have funded their own political campaign posters designed to point out the “hypocrisy” of Kevin Rudd’s asylum seeker policy.

In response to the Federal Government’s multi-million dollar anti-asylum seeker ad campaign a group of twenty-somethings have created a parody of the ad, “designed to tell a different story and point out the hypocrisy and mean spirited asylum seeker policy”, according to one of the group’s members, freelance digital strategist, Jessica Miller.  

Three-metre tall posters were erected on George Street in Sydney over the weekend, featuring a picture of the Endeavour – the ship on which Captain Cook sailed to Australia’s shores – with a message that read: “You came here by boat without a visa, you settled in Australia”.

Ms Miller told that she wasn’t a particularly political person and said that neither she nor her affiliates were members of any political party or group but said that the “whole conversation around asylum seekers has deteriorated into real nastiness”.

“It was a pretty bad ad that the government put out,” she said. “To us it was just begging to be messed with”.

The posters cost the group about $600 to design, print and put up. Ms Miller said they would love to print out more but said they had already exhausted their budget.

“We don’t have a $35 million budget to keep printing it,” she said.

Kevin Rudd spent $30 million dollars on its ad blitz – which Ms Miller says is designed to “frighten middle class Australians” – than Coca Cola spends in a year, (roughly $22 million)

Rudd is finding a lot don’t agree with him, and is suffering in the polls. Whilst I agree with his policy of NO boat people, he might not have thought the PNG solution through properly.

The parody of the two posters alongside each other is quite good.


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  • tarkwin

    I’m trying to work out what a “freelance digital strategist” is. In the good old days it was probably a woman who worked in a peep show. Now days it’s probably a flash name for a graphic designer.

    • kevin

      freelance digi strat… Could be someone who comes along, sprinkles some fairy dust bullshit and just goes away. Or, like a cleaner called ‘Spray and Walk Away’

  • Dave Broad

    There is a ton of outrage from Labor supporters over Rudd’s latest stance. But most of them will still vote labor, ‘cos they don’t know any better.

  • peterwn

    So they did not have visas. They did not have passports either – and they were in two classes below steerage or worse, and they had to work hard to help build Sydney when they got there.

  • Richard McGrath

    That was a master political move from Rudd, telling asylum seekers they would not be settling in Australia. But not one I support. In today’s PC cradle to grave welfare state it would take someone with real balls to announce that asylum seekers (and any other immigrants) would not be eligible for state welfare payments of any sort until they had been working in Australia for 5 years.

    Just found out I have a job as one of ten doctors at the immigrant detention centre on Christmas Island starting later this month. Our work will be looking after the medical needs of the asylum seekers, and screening them for tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. Should be interesting!

    • Dave

      Richard, good luck with the job on Christmas Island, it will be an eye opener.

      I do support the intent of the PNG solution, simply from the perspective that far too many DIE trying to get to Aussie. There needs to be a solution that stops them sailing. This, if policed and the end message gets through, should work.

      However, that said, PNG is not ready for them, no facilities etc. The funny part is the outcry from the Aussie socialists and too gooders, saying PNG is not suitable, the rape the violence and so forth, yet those same people were happy to ignore all the violence rape poverty etc on PNG prior to the Asylum seeker issue.

      The real problem comes that these people have little or no legitimate documentation, are supposedly fleeing certain death, then PNG is a LOT better than their previous country or residence. Aussie takes a lot of refugees under international programs, and it cant continue to accept legitimate refugees / asylum seekers and then take thousands of boat people.

      Here is a good example. A boat person once settled (3 – 5 years) is entitled for full government benefits, health care, unemployment, pension and they can vote. A kiwi cannot get the same unless they spend thousands of dollars in application fees, and are less likely to get citizenship than an asylum seeker.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    A self-anointed cognoscenti with nothing better to do for the hoi polloi than save them from themselves. Fuck you! Try and get at least one real job on your CV before you cark it, Rudd!

  • Monty

    I wonder if such a group here could do something to show the hyprocrisy of labour and green policies