Not potentially racist, actually is xenophobic

Migrants groups have come out against Labour’s xenophobic home ownership policy.

The president of a nation-wide organisation that represents Chinese migrant groups says David Shearer’s policy is “picking on” Asian people.

Labour leader David Shearer says the party will restrict the ability of non-residents to purchase New Zealand houses as part of its package to help Kiwi first-home buyers.

Shearer says IRD records show more than 11,000 overseas investors own New Zealand properties they don’t live in.

“This policy will reduce demand and help take some of the heat out of the market. It will put Kiwi buyers at the front of the queue,” he says. 

However, the president of the NZ Chinese Association Virginia Chong is concerned the policy is targeting Asian buyers.

Chong says there is a flawed perception that Chinese nationals are out-bidding Kiwis in the Auckland housing market.

The second generation New Zealander says people just see Asian faces in the auction rooms and assume that they are foreigners.

“It’s all very well saying it’s Asians who have pushed up the price but I don’t think it’s Asians, we are just a convenient fob-off,” the Epsom resident says.

She says while the policy may be a Band-Aid on the problem, it will not have any long-term effect.

“From my perspective it’s potentially racist and it’s contrary to existing free trade agreements,” she says.


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  • cossackstomper

    Interesting Mr Chong is from Epsom, is currently about 70% Asian owned.
    I am with Shearer on this one as are 66% or more of NZ. If it good enough for the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore , Malaysia, Hong Kong , China (where you never own the Land) and many other countries then why should we allow them to purchase here ,and pay no tax on the rental. IRD currently have 11,000 homes on their books that are owned by foreign investors.
    You can factor that up because there will be at least the same if not more who aren’t on their books ,and rented out to relatives.
    I believe we should make them build and buy a new property if they want to purchase here keep our businesses, and tradesmen working just like Australia does Keep the second hand housing market for our children and immigrants that are NZ Citizens it just makes common sense. Shearer will get votes on this as it just make sense ,and its to the detriment of both National ,and Labour that it has never been done before ,and we don’t keep records of the sales or indeed know how much of our housing stock has already been sold off shore

    • rockape

      Not quite accurate ,but no surprise there, don’t you know the 11,000 figures include kiwis who have gone overseas to work. Now take out those in Aus,diplomatic service, large companies with overseas factories and it’s not such a big problem. It certainly isn’t the cause of overpriced housing what is what this is supposed to be about. Now sit down keep calm, JK is about to give you the answer to house affordability over the weekend conference. Labour and you need to listen and learn!

      • JC

        “Not quite accurate”

        Complete bullshit would be more accurate.. here’s DPF:

        “That data would include people like Helen Clark. Actual sales data has shown that non-residents comprise only 3.2% of house purchasers (and
        make up 4.5% of sellers).”

        And to repeat my comments of yesterday about figures from Quotable Value.. the current rise in AK house prices is half that of the booms of the early 90s and 00s and the rise is flatter.

        Labour’s race policy is forced on them because of ideology about urban development.

        Meanwhile, here’s the absolute proof that AK is one of the most densely packed cities in the world:

        Weirdly this suggests Labour and Len are using the densely packed cities of Asia as their model.. apparently the “Black hole of Calcutta/Auckland” is the best fit for their new political model.


      • cossackstomper

        True but you dont know how many property have already sold to foreign investors because no records have been kept. It may be way worse than you think already. The australian law is a good one make them build new keep our tradesmen working. Make them put something into the community as they pay no tax on the rent. Keep the second hand houses for residents

  • Bryan

    I’m quite concerned that the Labour party leader was able to access so much personal information from the dept of inland revenue in light of his complete opposition to the security bill whats he going to check next and did he have the permission to disclose those taxpayers situation from those taxpayers not from what i have been told
    what i have and where i might be at present Is None of your business Mr Shearer or your parties you are not in Govt so we are not answerable to you

    • overthehill

      If you’ve done nothing wrong you shouldn’t have anything to hide.