Now this is an attack ad

Regular readers will know that I love looking at attack ads, videos and other political devices for sledging out your opponent.

Check out this attack ad from India.


It questions KCR’s intentions, saying, as Rahul Samkruthyayan on Twitter put it, “hyderabad ain’t ur family property.hw dare u to tell us to leave our hyd.we’ll make u piss out of fear.” One of my newest Twitter friends, Ram Prasad, a behavioural science consultant who grew up in Andhra Pradesh, said the text is a popular Telugu threat. It loosely translates to, “I will make you piss (in your pants).” Another translation that I saw rendered the phrase as, “Who are you to ask us to leave our very own city of Hyderabad? Does it belong to your pop? It is ours.”

But why does KCR’s inverted nostril bear the brunt of the baby’s onslaught? Isn’t the threat of micturition supposed to involve pants, not the nose? “Picture-text mismatch,” Prasad suggested. As it turns out, the nose is a big deal in this case. My colleague Rahul Biddappa on our Web desk in Bangalore, said that highlighting Rao’s nose is a reference to the ridicule that people have directed at him for its size.

One question that I have been unable to answer: why a white baby? Some reference to colonial oppression? Or the western businesses in Hyderabad? Indian babies don’t do things like this?  I have asked the United AP Joint Action Committee, whose name appears on the poster, for comment. The more likely answer, I’ve heard from a few people, is that it’s cheap clip art and that it was the first thing that the designers found that suited their budget…


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