NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin - Blenheim Ratbag

Aaron Goodwin – Blenheim Ratbag

The nominees are flowing in thick and fast. It seems there are a lot of ratbags and troughers out there.

I may have to post several a day until ballots are posted, then issue an award.

Here is a dodgy ratbag Blenheim.

Aaron Goodwin is running for council in Blenheim. Blenheim is a nice place that doesn’t deserve a drug using diesel thief on its council. He also changes his mind.

Mr Goodwin, 21, told Fairfax on Friday he had decided about a fortnight ago not to stand for the council because of troubles with his health and family. “I’m not really sure I can be committed to the campaign. It’s a bit of a stressful time at the moment.

Stressful time means getting busted stealing diesel.

The police documents show Mr Goodwin was in possession of cannabis when he was caught stealing diesel in Southland late last year. He was sentenced to 80 hours community work.

He is former Young Labour but is now thinks he is more New Zealand First.

Mr Goodwin launched the Marlborough branch of Young Labour in 2011. He was chairman for a time, but has stepped away from the party during the past few months because of his disillusion with its direction. He said last week he had become more aligned with NZ First.

Is he more aligned to New Zealand First because he has a natural ally in the leaky mayor Andrew Williams?

He blames his criminal offending on being drunk.

He said last week he had been drunk at the time.

He is probably too honest for New Zealand First where drunkeness is never admitted to.


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  • opusx

    He’s got the Winny hair-do down pat. You go girl.

    • Patrick

      Yes & the neatly manicured eyebrows are a concern as well. Either narcissistic or batting for the other team, or both

      • shewolf

        got my gadar going – he’s batting for the other team.

  • Ducky

    another crim in the Labia fraternity.

  • metalnwood

    Something strange about that photo. Its kind of like that art style where you do a side on profile painting of someone but add on the second eye anyway.

  • tarkwin

    He even looks like something out of a B grade horror.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    So if he was drunk how was he transporting this stolen diesel?

    • Col

      An empty beer bottle, a petrol can, just kidding.

    • Bert Root

      All I can say is that he had the presence of mind not to steal petrol while smoking, although the people of Blenheim may not have had to endure this candidate for so long if he had. Didn’t NZF steal money from taxpayers? If so, he’ll fit right in.

  • Col

    That face is evil. You fuck with me and I will run and tell my mummy.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      More than a hint of “gimme back my flaaaaag….”

  • CheesyEarWax

    Why would anyone want to be a councillor at 21? Go and get a real job.

    • opusx

      Professional troughers start from an early age. It is a career path that requires very little work, but an incredible amount of skill.

  • Mickrodge

    He looks as trustworthy as a 10 day old vindaloo. He’s got a bit of Alan B’Stard about him.

  • sandynobb

    A look of Quentin Crisp about him.

  • Aaron Goodwin

    Aaron Goodwin here – had you just finished snorting a line when you wrote this? Mr Slater, a quick Google search of your name reveals that you’re probably more familiar with the justice system than I, the difference? I learn from my mistakes, you’re still an idiot. Green eyes of a failed former local body candidate? That’s gotta get your goat, old man. For you red-neck contributors below, put the banjo down for a second – and vote Goodwin.

    Peace ;)

    • Bert Root

      “Speaking as a youth myself, I would rather take advice from someone that had been through what I was going through rather than someone who had done a bit or research about it and hadn’t experienced it themselves.”
      Interesting comment Mr Goodwin. I note that for the last five years you have been charged (and convicted) as an adult. You’re not a youth, and haven’t been so for some time.

      • Aaron Goodwin

        As far being charged by the law goes, no I am not. As far as my age in general goes, depending who you ask and what organisations you deal with, a person can be considered youth up until the age of 24. The Marlborough Youth Trust is a local example of an organisation with that view. Many political parties have youth wings that don’t cut off until a member reaches 25/26.

        • Cadwallader

          NZ First has a minimium age threshold….68 isn’t it?

          • Bert Root

            I paid youth rates last year, and I’m 85!

          • Bert Root

            I paid youth rates last year, and I’m 85!

        • David Tocker

          I’m of the opinion that people in local body politics should have had an opportunity to pay some rates before attempting to get themselves on the council that determines how to spend them.

          • It doesn’t really matter. If Blenheim ratepayers vote for Aaron G…… to help run their council, then in their best judgement he should be allowed to – no matter what his background.

          • Aaron Goodwin

            The people of Blenheim can make a fully informed decision now that this info has been made public. The media have done a good job to ensure this, and I have thanked Blair Ensor of the Press for his professional work and for putting forward my comments accurately.

            I’ve been before the district court, now I’m more than happy to face the court of public opinion on polling day. That doesn’t change the fact that the author of this blog is a straw chewing hate monger. Hypocrite to boot.

          • If you’re in the “there is no such thing as bad publicity” camp, or your lawyer wants to take a number on defamation suits (take a number, he received three threats in the space 15 minutes a few days ago), then be sure to tune in again at 4:30pm today.

          • Aaron Goodwin

            I’m not sure what you’re talking about, guess I’ll stay tuned.

          • Oh, just abuse Cameron Slater some more. That should do it.

          • Aaron Goodwin

            I’ve said all I need to say. Pity he has to be so hostile, I did nothing to him. He only felt the need to publish this article because of my former Labour affiliation. Bit sad really, yeah I made some mistakes in the past, but he’s not exactly squeaky clean himself. It’s ok for him to appoint himself a judge though. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

          • Hostile is my default setting, and now for you it is really hostile.

          • No hypocrisy here fool. Care to try to point out my hypocrisy?

          • Aaron Goodwin

            Former local body candidate with police history has a cry about current local body candidate with police history. Nuff said.

          • Must be something wrong with the name, 2 Aarons, both last names starting with G, both dumb cunts unable to gauge public opinion, both explaining and losing.

        • Bert Root

          I think you’ll find that legislation ultimately determines the age of majority and the point at which you move from Youth Court to the High Court. How political parties structure their membership is up to them, but they can’t alter when society recognises you as an adult. So were yours the forgivable actions of a disaffected youth? Not according to the law, and that will be the very acceptable measure applied by the vast majority of voters.

    • Mickrodge

      NFWAB sunshine. But given that you probably still like to jerk off to Farmers catalogues I imagine that’s a lesson you’ll learn the hard way.

    • What a complete tool. Proving my point. Plenty more on you to come Mr Goodwin.

    • Patrick

      Can you confirm you are a pillow biter – your picture suggests this may be the case.

    • Heh, at the ripe old age of 21 you’re about to learn the meaning of NFWAB, and that you don’t quite know everything yet. While I couldn’t care less about what you did at school as a teen, your arrogant attitude here suggests you need to be taken back a peg or 2.

  • Red

    That’ll teach us for having roads – and diesel down this way…. we get a lot of thieving shits from up Norf these days…. seriously more than just a few years back. No shit. Their gangs too…. Thanks

    • Bert Root

      hes from the souff

  • Josh Metcalfe

    I went to high school with this clown, he was a mess. He bragged about having naked pictures of his cousin. My stepfather, who was Assistant Principal at the time, had to physically restrain him while waiting for the cops to show because he was about to attack a teacher.

    • Patrick

      Sounds like he has got the right stuff to enter politics then – should be very successful

      • andrew carrot

        I think from his last few observations that he’s chasing the broadest possible catchment. Either that or he’s looking for NZonAir funding.

    • Aaron Goodwin

      Now we’re just getting desperate.My cousin? Dream on mate. Northage was your step father? Hilarious – good times!

      • Josh Metcalfe

        It was either your cousin or your sister, mate. And your attitude says it right there “good times”. Were they good times for the teacher you threatened with violence? Were They “good times” for the kids you mercilessly bullied. You’re an opportunistic little creep and while you may dismiss me as talking shit, I know what you are and what you’ve done and there many more as well.

        • Aaron Goodwin

          How dare I be a typical 13 year old boy. My parents managed to extract an apology from the BOT about the way I was treated by those members of staff on that occasion. Know the full story before you comment. Your step dad was a proper twat, and I still get the odd pat on the back for standing up to him – 8 years later, even. You want to talk about bullying when you’re making false accusations about someone and bringing innocent members of their family into it? I’m out of here anyway, it reeks of hypocrisy here and I have a campaign to get underway. Wish me luck!

          • GregM

            Dude, some observations.
            I don’t give a shit about your criminal record. People fuck up, and hopefully learn from it. What I do care about is your disturbing comments about being ” A normal 13 year old”

            Kids that age don’t threaten adults. ever.

            “My parents managed to extract an apology from the BOT about the way I was treated by those members of staff on that occasion” So they are bullies too. That figures.

            “The kids who were picked on always become Tories”, Picked on by you no doubt, also you may have noticed the most successful people in NZ are “Tories”, ( an English political leaning , not a New Zealand one ).

            “youth” ends at 18, same as the court system, surely you would be aware of that.

            I have family in Grovetown, you are a well known shitbag, and now that you have decided to open your gob on New Zealands most popular political blog, I would suggest your “career in politics” is stuffed.

            Good luck anyway, my advice to you is count to five before opening your gobby mouth.


    • Aaron Goodwin

      Oh now I recognise you – and I was a mess? lol, nice to see you came out of your shell finally. Pity it was to talk shit.

      • Aaron Goodwin

        The kids who were picked on always become Tories – just a little something I’ve picked up on….

        • WayneO

          You are such a douchebag! Also, a total creep.

        • CheesyEarWax

          Comments like this really show your age, i.e. 13. I feel sorry for the Blenheim.

          • Hazards001

            I don’t if they give him their vote.

        • Hazards001

          I suspect you are not a particularly pleasant individual and
          these statements to Josh Metcalfe and the other ones you made simply confirm it…

          “How dare I be a typical 13 year old boy. My parents managed to extract an apology from the BOT about the way I was treated by those members of staff on that occasion.”

          “Oh now I recognise you – and I was a mess? lol, nice to see you came out of your shell finally. Pity it was to talk shit.”

          “The kids who were picked on always become Tories – just a little something I’ve picked up on…”

          Out of those statements I and I suspect anyone else with half a brain that has seen them has concluded you are
          a thug and a bully. It has already been established you are a thief and a user of or seller of illegal substances (drugs)

          You lay a charge down against Cam Slater of hypocrisy for posting something given to him by someone that clearly
          knows what a slimy little toad you are without even considering that there is a huge difference between being convicted of stealing diesel to being convicted of breaking a court order of name suppression of a fucking paedophile.

          Of course as we can already see a moral compass is not in your tool kit so I imagine you don’t see it.

          Consider this then, a youth is NOT someone up to 24! I was working at 15 and had passed my first trade certificate at 17 and here you are claiming youth can be up to 24?
          You need a good slapping like a lot of your generation.

          On the one hand you truly believe you were born to lead but on the other have done nothing except fuck up to prove it.

          What makes you think you are a fit and proper person to determine how the people of Blenheim’s money is spent?

        • You’ll fit right into NZ First. Just throw out an anti asian/muslim rant and you’ll have all the boxes ticked.

      • Dave

        Aaron, I have sent a link of this discussion to a colleague who is a reporter in Blenheim!! They were interested, and will follow up, particularly to the despicable way you conducted yourself here and whilst at school, the comment was. Clearly not fit for any office, especially public office. Perhaps he needs a long trip overseas and to grow up.

        More publicity for your campaign Aaron, might ensure you only receive 2 votes!!

        • Hazards001

          Nice one Dave, there is room for diversity in politics but I honestly suspect this guy needs further investigation.

          And by god if anyone pays an unfriendly visit in the next 20 years or so to people that comment on here I think I might make an appearance back in the Tasman area myself…with attitude!

        • Aaron Goodwin

          Fantastic – time to expose the hate culture this site has become a hub for.

          • LabTested

            Aaron Aaron Aaron. You had to Google to find out who Cam Slater is, but he is on Radio every week proudly talking about who & what he hates. This is the most widely read blog in nz. You picked the wrong fight today.

          • Hazards001

            You dozy little fool.
            What exactly is the hate culture you are referring to?

            The fact that most people despise lying thieving little scumbags? Or is there something I missed?
            You honestly had no idea what what you walked into when you came in here with your thug attitude did you? Now you can hang around with with your tiny little prick hanging out of your busted zipper for all to see. Well done…keep it up.

          • Dave

            Aaron I have been a regular for over 2 years and WO BH has become my default news and current affair site. I have never found it a hate site, Cam is no threat to anyone who has not done anything wrong or stupid. I have found Cam good to deal with on a few occasions I have had communications with him. So you have nothing to worry about if you have not done anything wrong Aaron, hmmmm Looking at your behavior, you have a lot to worry about, best to pack up and go overseas for say…. 5 to 10 years, suggest western Siberia!

  • andrew carrot

    Due to the effects of global warming, western Siberia will be Asia’s Cote d’Azure within a year. Russian oligarchs are already investing trillions in the place in anticipation of an explosion of interest in beachfront properties and casinos. Good place to start a career in property development or logistics. Aaron, Dave’s suggestion may have been made in jest, but I think if you’re keen, willing to get in the bottom and work hard, western Siberia will soon offer many opportunities. You should check it out (although learn a bit of Russian before you go, as the locals like a man who’s making an effort to assimilate).

  • HarpoonWhaleOil

    I find it funny that you guys all get offcyber bullying people. At least Aaron is out there actually trying to help people not do what he did. He can learn from his lessons, you can’t. What are you going to say “Aaron Goodwin came onto my site to defend his family and himself when we were bullying him” haha good luck with that one. Aaron has done much more good in his life then bad and that is easy to see talking to the youth in Blenheim that he has personally helped. Not to mention the many unselfish things Aaron has done to help the people that deserve it. Yeah he is young, but he is doing something productive with his life. Take a good hard look at yourself before bagging other people. Immature much?

    • LabTested

      Immature much? Actually Aaron, I think you are the poster boy for immature. Also, remember, you have pissed off the Whale. He is coming 4 you