Obeid starts naming names, including Rudd’s man

Dodgy and corrupt ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is starting to name names in a bid to take others down with him.

“I am ashamed of some of my colleagues in the Labor Party who become like a lynching mob just to protect themselves.

“There is nothing in this, there is nothing in this inquiry that puts, that finds a smoking gun against anyone.”

Mr Robertson said yesterday the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions should throw the book at Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald.

Mr Obeid said today Mr Robertson was “irrelevant”.

“He will get his day later, him and Sam Dastyari,” he said.?

“But that’s not the time for that now. These people wore out the carpet in my office when they wanted support. And even the Liberals had… someone watching my office.

“John Robertson and Sam Dastyari – I cannot believe these people who I supported, I mentored – I got ’em in their jobs – they don’t give me the benefit that every Australian should have, you?re innocent until proven guilty.

“Now they’re another day. All I can say, they’re not true Labor leaders. They’re cowards who do not stick up for the truth and the right of an individual.

“We will pursue this through every court of the land to prove that we’re innocent.”

This is going to cause Kevin Rudd some anguish as Andrew Bolt points out.

Dastyari is Rudd?s man in NSW. He backed Rudd?s ?reforms? to the NSW branch and will run Rudd?s marginal seats campaign. He?s also expected to take over the Senate seat of Mark Thistlewaite, who is replacing Peter Garrett as the member for Kingsford-Smith, voters willing.

This links the NSW scandal more firmly to Rudd, even if Dastyari is indeed as clean as he insists.