It’s OK for a bloke to wear a skirt at Cambridge

I always knew those Poms were weirdos. It appears that blokes can wear a skirt to graduate at Cambridge now.

Standards are clearly dropping, I guess this is the gay onslaught that opponents of gay marriage were talking about. This ain’t right

The University of Cambridge has rewritten its graduation dress code after hundreds of years to allow men to graduate in skirts – and women in suits – following complaints from transgender students.

Cambridge has always been known for its traditional outfit rules which it has strictly enforced for centuries.

But the university’s official rules on graduation dress will change in October to include no reference to gender. 

This means women will be allowed to graduate in suits, and men could wear skirts if they want to.

All students are required to dress smartly for their graduations and wear dark clothes along with their college gowns and white-trimmed hoods.

Under the old rules men had to wear dark suits with a white shirt, white bow tie and academic bands with black shoes and dark socks.

Women could either wear a black dress or a white shirt with a black skirt, and smart shoes.

The dress codes are strictly enforced, and students who break the rules can be refused graduation.

But the requirement that all men wear a suit with a white bow-tie and white academic bands will be dropped when the new academic year starts in October.

The change comes after pressure from the student union’s LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other) campaign.

Why didn’t they just wear a kilt, the only skirt a real man should wear?


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  • Why didn’t they just wear a kilt, the only skirt a real man should wear?

    I have it on good authority you’ve gone commando in a lavalava.

    Care to comment?

    • peterwn

      In WW2 the Germans called the 51st Division soldiers ‘ladies from Hell’. The Germans feared the 51st Division and the Maori Batallion the most.

      • We should all fear Maori in skirts.

        Sometimes, they’re even blokes!

      • conwaycaptain

        WW1 actually. If you ever hear pipes coming towards you on a battlefield it is either the Jocks or the Ghurkas. If so take bloody great steps the other way.

  • Col

    I may have done, but you try wearing a bloody kilt, being gay the Clans will slaughter you, that’s the reason I wore a little black number from the dress shop down the road said Grant, when he had just finished graduation.

  • LesleyNZ

    Yes – a kilt is the answer. This gay old stuff is getting ridiculous. That is Cambridge Uni gone down the gurgler. Heard that a school in Whitianga made the girls come dressed as boys and the boys dressed as girls. If true then shame on those who are socially experimenting on our school kids.

  • cows4me

    Oh no not the poor old maligned gays again. Poor bastards, the constant striving for inclusiveness and equality. The constant need for re-education of masses, the lets shove down their throats and make sure everyone notices we are in the room. Fuck what a bunch of sniveling soft cocks that infest that so called high learning centre in Cambridge. Perhaps dresses should be worn by all board members in Cambridge, it would be very appropriate, they are after all fucking pussies.