Olive Oil Wars, Ctd

The other month I blogged about NZ’s $35m Olive Oil Wars and how Olives NZ judge Margaret Edwards awarded her own olive oil first place in a judging scandal as well as fermenting mischief with a programme that could be called anything but FairGo.

By the looks of this article, good old Margaret Edwards hasn’t quite disclosed these somewhat pertinent points and is still touting herself as an international olive oil judge.

The article says she “does not enter her own oils in competitions in countries where she is a judge”. Ok, on that basis you would think that as Margaret Edwards, who is listed as a Distinguished Judge for the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, would naturally not enter any of her olive oils.

Oh dear me, how silly to even think that. 

What’s this then, an award to none other than her Waiheke Island Matiatia Grove olive oils. Naturally Matiatia Grover owners Margaret & John Edwards are “delighted to find” an award granted to their olive oil. Mmmm how does this work?


Maybe she’ll try to explain that she’s only judging Northern Hemisphere olive oils? But again, let’s look at her comment “she does not enter her own oils in competitions in countries where she is a judge”.

Let’s call it for what it is – complete horse shit.

Maybe Olives NZ will ask Margaret Edwards to remove from her Matiatia Grove website references to the 2008 Award that she gave to her own olive oil?


Maybe Olives NZ will use her again as a judge… I hope so.

Because if they do, then the WO army will know the competition has been compromised and is more than likely to be a compete jack-up.


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  • Whafe

    Not prudent comments that Margeret Edwards has made at all…..
    It is a given though that with 15 judges in a comp and blind testing, it would be dam hard to jack up the results… All the same, agree, dumb comments she has made

    • LionKing

      Suppose the issue is that this Margaret Edwards woman continues to put her foot in it. Olives NZ would be fools if they have her as a judge any more.

  • Col

    Sounds a bit slippery to me. If your oil any good why be a judge?

  • cows4me

    Margaret should consider advertising her oil in the “Investor Magazine” apparently they’re not adverse to promoting their own wares.

  • Hillary Green

    How this woman has any sense of decency is beyond me. To be called out and embarrassed by awarding her olive oil a prize when she was a judge is one thing, but to keep it up on her own website? Seriously has she no shame?

    Good on those other Waikehe Island olive oil producers who won awards. I’ll be buying their products over any produced by this Matiatia Grove place.

  • DLM

    Good on you WO for keeping an eye out on people who seem to want to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes. Edwards just doesn’t seem to get it. She should apologise.

  • Yea yeah.. whatever. Did you actually discover what Cactus uses her olive oil for?

    • andrew carrot