One News catching The Herald disease

Whoops, not usually like TVNZ to make a booboo like this, during Bryce’s gummy toothless kitten attack telling Theo Spierings he should resign. If we expected the resignation of the top dog for every cock up in any company/organisation/council/Government, we’d end up with monkeys running the zoo.

A lot like what they have at the NZ Herald actually. Perhaps we should be calling for the heads of Shayne Currie and Bryce Johns for contaminating the media with “decent journalists, trained and skilled”. Whatever their journo’s are infected with seems to contagious.



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  • johnbronkhorst

    Not a hunt for the news!!
    A hunt for a scapegoat! These executives didn’t make the mistake that led to this, obviously someone somewhere failed to clean a pipe (or other equipment) that had been cleaned in the past (so why not now?).
    They may have SEEMED to be slow off the mark with the “perception of harm” limitation. But, so far, there has been no actual harm! But without all the facts, they may have started a panic without justification. Which, with all the incidents that happen in a large organisation, can happen. A measured response is ALWAYS required.
    Also the NEWS media’s attempt to BLAME, in some way, the govt. for this, especially John Key personally!!!????

    • Ducky

      also in the DumbPost “letters to the editor” some moron now blaming the govt for Fronterra’s contamination, ?? Where do these leftie morons all crawled from?

  • AnonWgtn

    FFS can somebody please tell me how a soil borne microbe was put into a sealed production system containing Whey in New Zealand and then discovered many months later in a partially manufactured product in Australia, after a number of negative results, and it took them months to get a positive answer from their laboratory?
    Ask any microbiologist about this microbe.

    • DavidW

      Add to which, there have been no positive tests reported from Nutricia’s testing or from any of the other 8(?) customers of this batch. It will be interesting to find out if retention samples of that cypher have shown abnormals for C botulinum.

      My feeling is that there is some disturbing detail yet to be revealed of discovered and that not only has there been more heat than light on the issue but that some commentators will be put in the position where they should crawl into a hole and stay there for the benefit of us all.

      Aaah so many questions but then unlike the MSM I am willing to wait for the answers instead of making shit up.

      • Kopua Cowboy

        I have a feeling the disturbing detail is this:

        A: the bacteria was only picked up because Fonterra testing is as good as it gets

        B: the bacteria was under acceptable levels anyway but Fonterra felt that as the levels were “elevated” they should issue a recall

  • Greg Davis

    “Whatever their journo‚Äôs are infected with seems to contagious.” If you’re gonna call out granny for errors it would pay to get rid of your own.