One News poll: No good news for Labour, not much more for Shearer

No wonder One News went early with the Preferred PM results. They are the only good news, if a 1% increase can at all be considered good news, for Labour.

Despite a perfect week for Labour and all the fuss over the GCSB bill Labour couldn’t even improve their rankings a single percentage point.

Not so the Greens they surged 5 %


The Nats are down 3, but still sitting on 46%.



Labour should not be happy at this. Despite a perfect political storm, aided and abetted by a compliant media intent on being the opposition Labour has failed to fire.

Something is going to have to change. A measly 1% lift in Shearer’s pathetic numbers is their sole positive from this poll.

Add this poll to the so far ignored Roy Morgan poll and Labour is in dreadful trouble.

If they can’t get a decent hit on the government even after all the negative publicity of the past several weeks and the launch of their supposed circuit breaker housing policy then it is as plain as the noses on their faces that people aren;t listening to either David Shearer or to the Labour party in general.


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    He’s flat-lined …. clear!

  • FredFrog

    “Despite a perfect political storm, ….”

    Why call it that? It’s beltway, most people don’t give a fuck. The only ones getting their knickers in a knot about anything recently are the media and the rest of the usual rent-a-crowd suspects. The rest of NZ is more concerned about real issues.

    • That is why it is a “political” storm…only matters in Wellington.

      • AngryTory

        And why a Whale priority should be radically downsizing parliament & moving it to Auckland!

        • Fuck no, we don’t want them here. I was thinking Waiouru

          • Ratchet

            I was going to suggest Hamilton or Palmy, just to give the cities a reason to exist, but then again, less chance of natural disasters at either place, so no ‘clean slate’ option available.

          • AnonWgtn

            Don’t laugh but do you realise that the designated alternative g
            Government location in the event of Earthquake destruction is Palmerston North where alternative facilities are already in place and have been for many years.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          You’re welcome to it.

  • Blue Tim

    Yes, the lunatic left fringe along with first time voters under the spell of teachers & lecturers are firmly in the Green camp now.

  • Jimmie

    Perhaps also the swarm of earthquakes in the Cook Strait may have sharpened voters minds about who they would rather have in charge.

    Mumble lips with 3 knives in his back and the green nuts or Key and the Nats.

  • So Key drops from the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything to 41, and Shearer picks one up to hit the unluckiest number of all. Awesome.

    (For more political numerology, phone 0900 4PETAL)

  • GregM

    Why the hell is the Green vote going up ? Where are the votes coming from ? I suspect Winnie first, Dunne and conservatives may have lost a few to the greenies, but a 5% gain ?

    • opusx

      Scary aye?

    • Muffin

      Can’t se the conservatives, or winnies lot jumping to the greens!?

      • GregM

        That’s what I can’t work out…….

    • unitedtribes

      Three % went from National to Labour who lost another 3 to the Greens. The three that National lost were just angry this week and will be back next week. Dont know if the ones Labour lost will come back. Some of them may also end up with National.

    • SJ00

      Do these polls talk to the same people each time or different people? If its the same people, what is scary is that there seems to be a percentage, say 5%-10%, that seem to flip flop back and forth between parties. ‘Oh I like that, vote for them. Oh I like that now, vote for the other party. Oh don’t like that anymore, switch back’.
      If its different people, it sort of makes sense that some parties jump all over the place.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    What happened to Mana? Not that I care.

    • DLNZ

      The Harawira whanau and Mana supporters were all either in jail or appearing in court as of last week and were unable to be polled.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        I suppose in our “correct” times, Maori criminals are a demographic too, deserving of own their MP with all the trappings. I never figured one family could be a demographic though.

    • AngryTory

      Mana is electorate only. By splitting votes between Mana/Labour in electorates and Maori in the party vote, the Maorimander puts parliament into overhand, and gives the communists another 2-3 seats – enough to make the difference under undemocratic MMP.

      Would NZ – would Whale & the Whale Army – accept a corrupt communist government based on electorate fraud and the Maorimander?

  • snakebit

    God help us all if the greens, labour, mana, moari all get together to form a government….a nuclear bomb would do less damage to this country…and i’m not even kidding.

    • AngryTory

      Fiji and Egypt know how to solve that problem – what will we do in NZ?

      Go along with an illegitimate government – because the party of 48% – including all the nett taxpayers, and pretty much everyone who isn’t a bludger or in a government job, like a teacher or a munzler or a social worker –

      everyone who matters will have voted National

      Look at the mess NZ ended up in after the last Labour government – a pile of crap 6 years of National hasn’t even begun to shift!

      Can NZ afford that again? of course not!

      Should Whale and the Whale Army accept that “election outcome”?

      of course not!

  • AngryTory

    The Nats are down 3, but still sitting on 46%.

    And in the spirit of Whale being more objective than the MSM. Winston doesn’t get in, let’s do the sums.

    46+2 = 48.

    33+14+2=49. oh fuck

    Result: Shearer is PM. Norman is finance. Turei is business de-development. Harawira is minister of Police.

    MMP result: Communist Government

    Democratic FPP result: National would win all the electorates except the slums in South Auckland, Tron, Hutt Valley/Wainui & Dunedin – and would have the supermajority necessary to amend the electoral act – ridding NZ of Labour, Unions & Greens forever

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      I have to agree, MMP is the product of us cringing towards the variously handicapped, a bit like the 1990’s explosion of handicapped car parks, ever noticed how your average supermarket expects 25 cripples at any given time? MMP is just affirmative action for useless leeches.

      Take the Greens, all list MPs, a commie Aussie, a former McKilly Cully Serious Party member, a deaf bint without a clue, I’d mouth a few choice words for that one, a rat-faced Eco-vandal, oh and that other cunt from the West Coast.

      I’d rather they would fuck off and hug snails, not sneak into my pocket for $160k each.

  • Jaffa

    WHY are the Media all Left??

    They are all in well paid jobs and will be badly hit by the Left Policies.

    I hope someone enlightens me, it’s got me stuffed!

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      They are products of Polytech Inc NZ, bone waring feckless pass on their prejudices to the next generation of mirror fancying airheads and himbo’s, fuck the news, they want us to see and hear them. What they don’t get is that I just couldn’t give a fuck about their views on a fat German cock, GCSB, that Vance bint, et el.

    • Liberty

      A pinko journalist .

      Basically they have read the book.

      Now a expert on all in sundry but in reality as thick as a 4*2

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    he he he – finally you losers have realised that there is no stopping
    Sheep’s march now. This poll is a deathly blow to National and confirms
    that Sheep will form the government with the help of Greens, Mana and
    Maori party. I have been saying this for months. Add Winnie the Poo to
    this mix as Winnie will cross 5% on election night. Sheep is holding the
    ship steady will score 35% on election night. The famous “2” in front
    of Labour numbers was just an aberration folks. Now get back to work and
    save as much as you can because, Hippie Norman will tax the hell out of
    you….Sorry for being the bearer of bad news…