Open Post: Big 6.2 Quake in Wellington Region

The Wellington region has experienced a large earthquake this afternoon.

A severe earthquake has rocked the Wellington region and the top of the South Island.

There were early reports of a house collapsing in Seddon, Marlborough. Geonet said the quake measured 6.2, 10km south east of Seddon at a depth of 8km. Initial reports said the quake was 6.9.

A magnitude 5.7 aftershock centred 5km southeast of Seddon and 8km deep hit about six minutes later. 

Another large aftershock, magnitude 5.6, struck at 2.45pm. It was centred 15km southeast of Seddon at a depth of 5km.

People in Wellington said the quake was very strong and all train services in the region have been cancelled.

There was no tsunami generated, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.

Feel Free to update details in comments.

UPDATE: Wellington is paralysed because the trains are buggered indefinitely and they haven’t got enough buses to utilise the totally undamaged motorway system. Public transport is soooo cool…for other people.



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  • Michael

    We felt it here in Hamilton, least the 20 people on the 6th floor of our office block. Hope peeps in Welling are all good.

    • Can’t call as cellphones are out, but I am in email contact with them, sounds like all good so far.

  • Michael

    I’m in Lower Hutt and that felt worse than the 6.5 three weeks ago. It felt like it lasted twice as long. I’ve found no serious damage on my property (Just some cracks on the garage that appear to be only the paint – it needs repainting) and checked with the elderly neighbours, they are okay as well.

  • Michael

    Another aftershock just as I posted that. Basically the ground hasn’t stopped moving for longer than a couple of minutes for an hour.

    • peterwn

      And another at 1552.

  • kevin

    Rotorua: I noticed a suspended light fitting in our dining room swinging, but didn’t feel the earthquake.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Cell phones out……..fault service out.
    Go telecom!!!

    • Michael

      get your hand off it.

      • johnbronkhorst

        PRATT!!! They are now working again!!!
        I was on my mobile when it went off!

    • stephen2d

      Having been through all CHC earthquakes, it is hardly Telecom’s fault. Actually they did better than others, but beside the point: when everyone tries to call, the network goes down. What has a better chance of success is the plain old text message.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Wishing everyone happy, safe thoughts and passage…

    • johnbronkhorst

      Looks like a few people’s passage got cleared (the back one, I think).

  • johnbronkhorst

    Heard someone in an office somewhere, put on “Shake rattle and roll” to lighten the mood.

    • andrew carrot

      Just sent it to a friend in Parliament. No sarcastic response so I doubt he and the rest of his staff had returned from their weekly boozy lunch before the quake and have now gone home (or stayed in the bar).

  • cows4me

    I was on WO and the house started rocking, was thinking about heading for the door but I thought I would wait for the ceiling to crack, lucky it didn’t, lasted about 30 seconds. A lot larger then the last big earthquake a few weeks ago, had a few small shakes. I guess there will be a few more cracks in the cowshed. I live Cape Egmont area.

    • Random66

      Lol. I was on WO as well, (talk about a time killer). I couldn’t work out if I was having a moment or whether my computer was moving. The swinging lights answered the question for me (whew). I too thought it was worse than the last one. Probably about time Maurice released that unsafe building list so we can all know where not to be.

    • Cadwallader

      Felt in Manawatu.

  • steve and monique

    Wishing all down Wellington,and surrounding areas the best. Stay safe.

  • GazzW

    Rail system closed down in Wellington and there are not sufficient buses to use the undamaged motorways. Take note Len Brown.

  • 16 4+ quakes in the last hour, over half of them 5+. Secondary ones in Taranaki and Nelson. Something is grinding away and hopefully settling down soon…

    • A couple of significant quakes out Hunterville way too Petal; were they the Taranaki ones you mentioned?

      • Yes, just like Nelson was near Motueka, I adjusted for a national audience :)

        • Another bloody good aftershock just a few minutes ago, out to sea south of Waverley. It’s a shaky old day.

    • PM of NZ

      Just the Nelson/Golden Bay part moving ever northward. Apparently 300 million years ago that block was part of Fiordland. I’d be personally more worried about Cape Campbell (Seddon included) to Kaikoura suddenly sliding eastward into the 4KM deep Kaikoura Trench which runs all the way to Tonga on the Pacific Ring of Fire. (Another quake as I type at 1555) I firmly believe the Canterbury quakes are the trench extending southward like an opening zipper.

      • BobaJob

        Thanks – that’s piece of new has done wonders for the constipation!

  • I’ve felt three or four aftershocks since the initial quake. That felt stronger than the one a few Sundays ago, and oddly, rather than just coming from one direction, there was energy going every which way; it was quite freaky.

    • dumbshit

      that could’ve been metiria not knowing which way to head

  • BobaJob

    Central Wellington, that was something bloody heck!. I was in the Sallies Shop on the Corner Taranaki St and Ghuznee St. I didn’t leave the building to it stopped and it looked like two major cracks appeared in one of the beams, but I didn’t linger to be confirm. Got across the road to a car yard and stayed there . I could see a few of the windows in the Sallies building had cracks top to bottom in them.

    There were a lot of really upset people passing by, lots of ladies and girls crying.

    After about 15 minutes I got up the courage to make my way home accross town. The streets are full of office workers and everyone is just really quite.

    I noticed some of the older building around the Tory St area had cracks in them that I hadn’t notice before. There was something happening at the ANZ Tory Street construction site and two guys across the road at the back packers were talking and saying someone was hurt.

    The city is emptying out. Traffic is at a crawl now. People are making there was towards the Railway stations and lots of people are walking in the middle of the road.

    The reinforcing of the wharf looks to have held – no containers in the water and a tug boat is going up and down having a look at it.

    • Dave

      BobaJob. I learnt something from earthquake and tsunami in Japan a while back, my son was there. I tried calling & texting, finally i got through, his words were, “STOP calling or Txting, follow my updates on Facebook, gotta go.

      He had managed to get to a Internet cafe and log on to facebook to say he was okay, then when mobile networks came up, constant updates, and available to all his family and friends. A txt to a facebook friend can do the SAME if they post and share……

  • Pita

    The government has just announced, As a matter of urgency transmission gully will be opened immediately…for foot traffic only.

  • Via Twitter, in Seddon

    • Bryan

      well call in the EQC improvement service they will soon have that roof looking like new again they have done wonders down here in chch and they have a lot of tiles coming off houses they are taking down if you needs some replacements and hey a Hug can often say more than words i have given and received many in the last three years and simply says we care

  • Glengarry Wine Kelburn Store – Earthquake 16 August 2013

  • NZTA Wellington @NZTAWgtn1m
    Please drive with caution on SH2 as there are some pedestrians walking on the roadside. #EQNZ ^MA

  • thor42

    Decent shake on the 10th floor here in Wgtn.

    Building evacuated as a precaution and everyone given the ok to head home. A steady stream of people going up through Bolton Park (as I did) towards Karori.

    Not as fit as I used to be, so got a cab from near the rose gardens back to Karori. Definitely need to get back to full fitness again. Anyway – no damage at all at home.

    • Random66

      Good to hear you got home okay thor42 and that everything was in one piece. You were lucky to get a cab.

    • Bunswalla

      Thought you were on the 9th floor of the Beehive Thor….

  • thor42

    Regarding the trains, it does make you wonder!

    I mean – I’ll bet dollars to a knob of goat poo that there is *naff-all* damage (if any) to the tracks. Given that, why not just *try* using the trains anyway, but just go slowly at say 20 km/h? That way, at least a *few* thousand more people would get home sooner.

    • RightOfGenghis

      You’re out of order Thor. This is 21st century PC paradise. No initiative, no risk, CYA above all…

    • GregM

      Yep they should load them up and go flat out to get over the damaged bit faster. Hope all are OK down there :-)

      • DLNZ

        Ring around the Green and Labour MPs. Seeing they are all about public transport they’ll be quite happy to volunteer to assure the general public its completely reliable, safe and the brakes are still working. If not… no great loss :P

    • Mike

      They have to check all the overhead wiring as well, not just the tracks….

    • Travis Poulson

      You’re speaking in an age where an incident report has to be filled out for a near miss, or paper cut.

    • Dave

      Thor. Early 90’s I was on way home in a train in Wgtn, reasonable shake, above 5.0, train STOPPED in the tunnel, the driver stated he wasn’t allowed to drive, but continued on at less than walking speed till out of the tunnel then continued very slowly all the way to Porirua.

    • BobaJob

      ‘ dollars to a knob of goat poo…’ what kind of return do you get for that?

  • Col

    Hang in guys and girls, not a nice.

  • Things are tapering off. Whereas before we had 4s and 5s, now we’re having 2s 3s and the odd 4.

    • You mean the 3x 6.2s just now :P

      • It’s been consolidated as one 6.0 as at now.

        • Id say the machines are pretty scrambled down there. This is getting silly and either Auckland sits here smugly or sits here with a bloody big bulls eye sitting on it

          • BobaJob

            Hopefully the quakes up that way will give ya plenty of warning before the eruptions !

    • Yep; another near-six just a few minutes ago. Not as strong as 2.30pm, but enough to get one’s attention.

  • philbest

    When, not “if”, the “big one” flattens Wellington, “if” there is an inquiry into why so much multi-story employment and high density residential building of “less than best practice” design was allowed in such a risky location, I suggest the investigators look at the following.

    1) The CBD property owning rent-seekers influence over local government and urban planning processes, hindering growth from occurring elsewhere

    2) the 2-corridor “commuter rail first” planning system, which, as has been pointed out by urban economists, is a classic way of shoring up the primacy of regional CBD’s at everyone else’s expense.

    Urban economies naturally disperse when not hindered by central planning. This is actually good for efficiency. Dispersed employment = everyone closer to work on average. Lower density just means less congestion. Wellington’s traffic congestion is about 4 times as bad as US cities of under half a million.

    For a region to have a full 1/3 of its workforce in the main CBD is an international-outlier classic case of rent-seeking and misguided central planning. It is entirely destructive, with congestion far worse and house prices about double what they should be. Of course the FIRE sector rent seekers love this.

    The anti-car Greenies are the “Baptists” in a classic “Baptists and Bootleggers” racket, not just in Wellington but virtually everywhere.

    • thor42

      Very fair comments, phil.

      As a worker in Wgtn, I’ve been wondering if it might be a good idea to gradually “wind down” the city and maybe move a lot of the people and govt departments to (say) Palmerston Nth. Being a completely flat area there and a *lot* less susceptible to big quakes, that would be a *much* better location for various govt departments etc.

      Ok, sure, a gradual winding-down of Wgtn would cost, but then the evacuation of the city after a big quake would be massively expensive too.

      • philbest

        Appreciate the positive response. People often say not to politicise something opportunistically, wait till after everyone’s nerves have settled down. But they’re not listening then…!
        There are engineers and civil defence people and seismologists who have been bashing their heads on a brick wall for decades about Wellington. More people should be aware of this TV documentary:

        This next one at about the same time, was about ChCh…..and proved frighteningly prophetic. It is B.S. that “no-one expected a hit on ChCh”…….no-one listened, that’s all.

        The cost of a major hit to Wellington would be something the NZ economy might never recover from. There is hardly any other country in the world with such a high proportion of its population concentrated in so few separate locations. Even a disaster hitting New York would be proportionally to the US economy, like Nelson taking a hit would be to NZ, that
        is, only about 5% of the national population affected.

      • BobaJob

        Is anywhere is ‘safe’ really ?

        • Dave

          Australia :)

    • Mr_Blobby

      Personally I prefer moving the Government closer to the largest population center, somewhere between Auckland and Hamilton. It does not all have to be done at once as leases come up for renewal just relocate north.

      • thor42

        Agreed. It seems to make *so much sense!*

        I’d choose Palmy as it’s dead-flat and gets naff-all big quakes. Even if it *did* get a quake, it’s an absolute piece of cake to get emergency services in there from the north or south.

      • motorizer

        i think we should move them to an island…. and not let them back!!!!

        • DLNZ

          I can think of one MP in particular that would be a good candidate for repatriation back to another island called Australia :P

      • philbest

        Wherever it is, I favour dispersed urban form. The only benefit from having all the jobs clustered in one spot and everyone having to converge on that for their jobs, is to the collectors of the economic land rent at the location. For everybody else, it is a combination of traffic congestion, long commute, and unaffordable housing hell. Even the fewer people who succeed in living close to work in an apartment or inner suburb, end up paying several times too much for the priviledge.
        There is advanced urban economic literature that shows that a relatively free market urban economy will disperse, the cost of land will fall, jobs-housing balance will steadily improve, and commute times and traffic congestion will reduce. But urban planners don’t read that sort of literature; they all rely slavishly on GIGO computer models that generate results to policy choices that have not the slightest resemblance to any real world outcomes anywhere.
        Look at Google Earth and it is not hard to envisage up to 20 “cities” of 100,000+ people each, in the general region delineated by Manukau Harbour/The Firth of Thames/Ngarauwhahia – and at one third to one half the density of Auckland currently (which happens to be behind only Toronto, pop 6 million) among “Anglo new world” cities. And denser than half the cities in Europe of comparable size. Auckland’s “sprawl” is just another fact we are being systematically lied to about.
        Another interesting exercise: cut and paste the Netherlands onto parts of NZ, and understand that there are 14 million Dutchmen in that land space – and in fact they still only take up around 22% of that. Kiwis are completely stuffed in the head about population and living space and spare land. Probably due to wall-to-wall eco-propaganda from the MSM and education and bureaucratic-empire initiatives to “inform” the public.

      • BobaJob

        That would safe the tax payers a bit on airfares and Koru lounge bubbles. Also it would drive property pricers down to the ground, I would love to be able to buy a small street and turn it into a homestead. Also the Hutt Valley from the Petone shore right up to Upper Hutt has got some of the richest alluvial soils in the world. Lose the suburbs and feed the world – would blow Fonterra out of the water.

    • BobaJob

      That monster luxury apt. block their building on top of the overseas terminal – it’ll be terminal all right. $3mil is the average price of one of those – our wonderful council sold it to the developer for $1 – lemon at any price I guess?

  • Marty

    I had to walk home as the trains were off and the buses were stuck in the traffic. My office was really shaking and I got under my desk real quick. Just as I write at 6.30pm there was another good shake! Take care guys

  • I so hope this is as bad as it gets. We’re going to be screwed if we have another Chch level quake.

  • Tell you one thing, the left must wonder what they have to do to get a proper hit in on John Key. Just as they manage to get some doubt back into the GCSB issue, the news gets wiped sideways by a quake storm.

    JK better buy a lotto ticket tonight.

  • Blue Tim

    It’s not too flash here in Marlborough at the moment. The ground has been moving since 2:30 this afternoon

    • thor42

      Good on ya, BT – hang in there!

      One of the items on my bucket-list is to go through Molesworth Station down there (they have an open day every now and then).

      • Blue Tim

        Since Aunty Helen seized the SI high country for Clark’s Parks’ DoC have far more involvement in Molesworth access. Although to be fair, Molesworth road through to Hanmer is open generally from Boxing Day to April (fire risk considered).

      • Dave

        Thor, its on by list too, a great place, nice camping area as well, we planned to meander through over 3 days. Might as well explore while there :)

      • BobaJob

        Hey thor42 – just an aside, do you think the term bucket list has been over used? – Evidently the term for diamond jewellery ‘Bling’ got over used and has been replaced with the term ‘Shine’ So maybe Bucket List’ could be …..?

  • Phar Lap

    The last big one at circa 5.30pm was even stronger than the 6.2 it has come in at 6.3.For some reason or other it didn’t feel as vicious or heart stopping, as the one at 2.31sh.Correction it was 6.6?according to TVNZ.

    • It keeps being adjusted for a while. It reported as 3 6.0s, now it’s settled at one 6.0

  • Vernon Small @VernonSmall
    Press gallery reporters are exchanging beer and chocolate. #emergencykit

    Russel Norman @RusselNorman
    @VernonSmall We’ll judge your collective inebriation level by the sensitivity to the aftershocks

    • Dimwit Wussell again. You know some light hearted moments like that and lots of YouTube vids of pools swishing are good to help destress things.

      I see Cactus Kate was annoyed her lunch was disturbed

  • Claire Robinson @Spinprofessor
    I can’t believe how many people were just standing by filming their swimming pools!

  • There is a 3+ quake every 1-3 minutes at the moment. What does that do to your state of mind?

    • Ask the people of Christchurch; they had around 10,000 aftershocks

      • We have a fair number of Chch refugees here now. I spent quite some time in Chch after the 2nd shock, and can tell you some interesting stories about how it had affected people.

        But I’ve got some stuff to queue for you apes for later tonight, so I need to get back to ‘work’ first ;)

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      It’s interesting, the more 6+ ones there are gives me more confidence in my house, which is founded on rock, but being 17 floors up on reclaimed land was no fun earlier.

    • motorizer

      im in blenheim and call my mental state demented if you like but i kind of feel privileged to experience natures strongest display.

      • It’s all shits n giggles until something serious happens tho’

        • motorizer

          damn straight

  • mjg6

    Can I just say, as a Government worker, i am ashamed how many people choose to skive off when they have the opportunity. Call me mean-spirited, but we know we live on a fault line, the building we were in was fine – none of the precariously stacked boxes even fell – but it defies logic how these people that are all so scared then want to sit in traffic as they drive along past the big buildings on lambton quay or the terrace in their car, sit on the freeways, and even drive through the damn terrace tunnel…… I’m sorry, it’s not nice (and with a wife and young kids) to put up with this, but as pointed out here, Christchurch had like 10,000 aftershocks……sorry, if i have offended anyone, but really, I find most here a pretty soft bunch…..

    • motorizer

      gosh… i was at Wairau hospital (blenheim) and we were trying to evacuate a particularly shakey part of the building… DO YOU THINK WE COULD TALK THEM INTO LEAVING!!?!???!!?? THEY DIDNT WANT TO GO!!!

      we have such hard working people in this part of the world. In blenheim.

    • BobaJob

      Cock smoker

      • mjg6

        sorry ? Because i have a different perspective ? Me thinks that your handle would indicate that you are the smoker……

        • BobaJob

          No because you a cock smoker – the workers were sent home because the employers and property owners have a duty of care to ensure no one dies and they don’t end up being prosecuted etc.
          But I guess you didn’t bother to educated yourself with that fat cock you were smoking on.

          • snakebit

            Dude that’s over the top. I’m sure on the whole they held up okay but I did see a radio dj rush under his desk a head of his female colleague leaving her out in the open…. Now that dude was a pussy.

          • mjg6

            Bob – a few things. Firstly, the quake has obviously affected everyone, myself and my family included, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not a total tool.

            What I am saying is twofold :
            1. The world should not stop because there was an earthquake in Wellington. How many people that say that they need a laptop to do their job took it home you reckon ? None in my building. I happen to care if people don’t get paid come Monday or if other parts of the country don’t get what was promised to them that might impact upon their own workloads
            2. The fact that someone wants to sit in their car outside an earthquake prone building that has been closed as opposed to staying in a building that did what it should is beyond me. The fact is that if you are that concerned the first thing you do is drive through a tunnel indicates that many are not that concerned.

            I’m sorry that you have taken my comments as offensive, but when you calm down, and you can move your partner’s balls away from your own eyes (OK, so I’m not sorry about that bit), you might want to read the headlines of MSM to see what happened in Welly, and compare it maybe to the damage that I have seen there in Seddon where it hit far worse than here.

          • BobaJob

            Pity you didn’t put this on paper – then it would have some value and I could wipe my arse with it.

          • With my mod hat on, this is going the wrong way. Please don’t.

          • BobaJob

            There we go -just like a MSM Blog now ;)

          • Random66

            What you did by deleting all your comments is bloody annoying. Unsol used to do that all the time whenever she was on the losing end of an argument or whenever she knew she overstepped the line. All it does is put everyone else’s comments out of context. You are obviously new here and missed WO’s instruction about such things. Think before you post, own what you say, and more importantly apologise or withdraw if things take a turn for the worse. Cheers.

          • BobaJob

            Sorry R66 – moderated language in comment the Petals sake.

          • Random66

            Thanks Bob.

          • guest

            I’m flattered by your whinging. There are two problems with your comment: 1) it presumes you are in a position to assert the moral high ground on a blog that often has little morality & exhibits double standards in how it treats people – from link whoring (despite the host being known to link whore himself elsewhere) to the treatment of commentators. Whilst you clearly see your role on this blog has being important & valued, make no mistake that parasitic wasps always turn on each other so rather than defending the sometimes indefensible & choosing to support those who make comments that are morally repugnant, perhaps your time would be better spent focusing on whether this blog encourages or diminishes your personal growth as a christian.
            2) You made a blatant lie to try & make a point – which puts a dent in your credibility. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it any more truthful. You and the wee gaggle of guttersnipes on here can pat each other on the back as much as you like, but end of the day I know what I have said, the context I said it in & the comments it was in response to. Any comments I deleted on an active post while on this blog was to try & bring the commentary back to the actual issue. I made this very clear in the edited comment that I left behind. The only point of contention pertained to an exchange with TP – something that was minor & irrelevant…contrary to the wails of the mods, editing before someone replies is not a foul. I made a comment then changed my mind as I though he was exaggerating. All other comments have been left; as is the norm with quite a few commentators, I sometimes deleted my comments a day or two later so that they were no longer associated with my profile , but the comment still remains so can’t see why that is an issue. The conversation still flows. But why would it matter? Few would read through old posts/debates. If it is such an issue for you then perhaps take it up with your esteemed leader – baring in mind though that when you start to become the comment police people tend to leave as debate gets stifled. So rather than picking at others perhaps you need to ask yourself whether you stand by everything you have said? If you are honest you would say no.
            As for the earthquake (& similar topics where the vast majority of people air their opinion for the sake of it, instead of choosing to contribute in a meaningful way) instead of taking swipes at others perhaps you could take a moment to remember that you are talking about people’s lives & livelihood.

          • guest

            And further the deletion of bob’s comments wasn’t the issue, it was his complete & utter lack of regard for a different point of view that was the real problem – a point of view that was perfectly valid & in fact, one of the most sensible ones out of the entire commentary. It was stupid & irresponsible for people to not only skip work, but put themselves in harms way re further aftershocks (or a big earthquake if those with the foreshocks) &/or a tsunami. It showed that despite Wellington being on a massive fault line most people have no clue. Bob chose to pick a fight where there was none. Just like your friend thieving bastard. But unlike TB Bob got warned.

          • philbest

            Good point about the inconsistency involved in sitting in cars below tall buildings and masonry facades and in tunnels and on overpasses.

            The only really consistent approach would be to refuse to work there at all any more. Not take an early departure every time you survive.

    • Agent BallSack

      Wellington is taught to expect an 8….look around and determine if the city can handle it. Complete gridlock and lack of core facilities. When the big one happens here there wont be 300 dead there’ll be multiple fatalities, maybe even 10s of thousands. I for one prefer to err on the side of caution

  • Telecom New Zealand @TelecomNZ
    Hi guys. Network congestion has lessened but if further aftershocks hit, please text rather than call unless strictly necessary. #eqnz ^TRF

  • Dominion Post @DomPost
    Just re-confirming that all [Wellington] trains are cancelled tonight; likely to be running in the morning – barring any significant aftershocks. #EQNZ

  • Robin Hickman @robbyhickman
    Whanau in Blenheim say the ground is still quivering, the sheep are still lying down and the ducks are staying out of the river. #eqnz

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Skyped with a rely in Wellington about 5pm.
    Place rocked again and the 3 cats are outside – err cats have brains, they dont crouch and hold, they go to places where shit dont fall on them.
    Now if you are in a highrise 3 story building – then ask your supervisor

  • Travis Poulson

    Re: reactions on twiiter: Tired of Wellingtonians crying over their spilt latte’s. Wellington wasn’t the epicentre, there are people worse off than you, shut the fuck up already. Crying over traffic gridlock, we deal with it on a daily basis in Auckland. Whoop dee fucking doo. Doesn’t even slightly compare to Chch so shut up about your ‘nerves’.

    • BobaJob

      The champion the Open Post to the rescue.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Well, to the keyboard warriors on twatter, I’m sorry there wasn’t loss of life or limb, nor sufficient property damage or other mayhem for you to sit down to muse over on the six o’clock news. We will try harder next time.

      • Travis Poulson

        the only thing twitter did was create an echo chamber for empty vessels. Like Russell Brown informing us he created an masterpiece in the kitchen out of leftovers.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          I know, and they all ignore the fact that Wellington was largely built to withstand this, whereas Christchurch was a city too populated by derelict brothels and temples from another time that never stood a chance.

          • Travis Poulson

            On a drained swamp.

    • philbest

      Bear in mind that the TomTom Annual Congestion Index shows the average congestion delay per hour of driving at peak, to be 43 minutes in Dorkland and 39 minutes in Wellington. Los Angeles is 41 minutes and no other city in the USA is as bad as Wellington let alone Dorkland.

      So much for the myth (sorry, barefaced lie) that we have been clever to avoid the “mistake” of low density sprawl and building roads, and have been clever to spend 1/3 of the budget on public transport. By the way LA and Dorkland are equally dense, which is, denser than every other urban area in the USA. Hmmmm, do we see a pattern here? Density is clever? Yeah, right.

      Take two cities that are 1/3 this kind of density: Philadelphia, population 6.5 million, congestion delay 22 minutes. Indianapolis, population 1.1 million, congestion delay 15 minutes.

      Now if we could just get that brilliant interviewee PM we’ve got to totally destroy Len Brown in a televised discussion on this general subject………

  • Get Ready Get Thru @NZGetThru
    Still feeling the shakes. Make sure you put a torch and sturdy shoes by your bed tonight. #eqnz

  • Dare I say it… nothing over 4.0 for the last hour. (Last time I predicted it settling down it flared back up. Let’s see how I do this time)

    • Random66

      Gosh Petal, you probably just jinxed it :)

  • BobaJob

    Some Crack

    • I have no idea why you got a downvote for that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dave

    This is what the Aussies are saying.

    Major earthquake rocks New Zealand, features a Sky News video clip.

  • BobaJob

    Hikki Kaye was traffic jammed at the airport after the quake, Minister for Civil Defence. Didn’t stop her though, got her running shoes on and ran all the way to Parliament.