The Owl Predictor – is Russel Norman next to be “Snap”pered?

The last Owl Predictor put Andrew Little at the top of the table for the next leader of the Labour. The next day few days Andrew Little pulled out of the race. Unintended consequences or coincidence?

The Owl says neither but the flurry of debate around who holds the key to the selection of the new leader has fallen squarely on the unions.

The Owl has looked at a few of main reasons why David Shearer resigned.

  1. Failed to lift Labour in the polls but actually he got them up 5% on average
  2. Failed to deliver strong portfolio policies
  3. Labour MP’s failed to land any significant blows against the government or more importantly when they did they were found out to be lacking in substance
  4. Divided party  

Observation by the Owl

Based on those four premises lets see how Russel Norman has compared

  1. Using the Curiablog polling which averages out all polls under Russel Norman the Greens average vote has fallen since the election to 11.1%.
  2. The Greens strategy of getting portfolio positions in a Labour/Green coalition has been a dismal failure. There has been no Deputy Prime Minister offer, no Finance Minister offer nor Environment Minister offer from the Labour Party in any coalition party talks.
  3. Where do we start – manufacturing crisis – yep, Quantitative Easing –yep complete 180 degree turn there. I could go on.
  4. Divided party – will that is one thing that the Greens under Russel Norman does not have but the Owl will say when you have 14 MP’s in parliament and you don’t get one single bill through and your best default policies is “call an inquiry” and “police complaints” basically the general public works out pretty quickly you are a run to the headmaster type party.

Now I am not expecting Russel Norman to pull out two snapper in the debating chambers because a) they can’t be dead if the Greens were to pull that stunt and b) I don’t think you are allowed fish tanks in the debating chamber but if you want compare the two performance then what I will ask: – “is Russell Norman only a scoop of chips away from being snappered”

The Owl Predicator says Russell Norman will not be replaced but questions of performance will be raised. When the next labour leader is selected the Greens Party vote will slide to 7-8% and there will be no Green electorate winners in 2014 elections. (NB there were none in the last election either)


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Norman will not be replaced because they have no-one to replace him with. None of the rest of the Greens in parliament have any credibility at all when it comes to economic and social reality. In fact Norman doesn’t either, but seems to be able to blag his way through.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Norman is the “best and most credible” politician on the left when compared to Shearer and all the other’s, so now that Shearer is gone – the leftie MSM can’t push Norman too hard – as they need him to help push along a slanted narrative…

    • richard.b

      You could also say:
      Shearer will not be replaced because they have no-one to replace him
      with. None of the rest of the Labour in parliament have any
      credibility at all when it comes to economic and social reality. In fact
      Shearer doesn’t either, but seems to be able to blag his way
      Seems to me that #Laboursgottalent will be a waste of time

      • In Vino Veritas

        Interesting point richard.

    • Cadwallader

      Norman isn’t the best at anything other than being a dried-up commie with a load of sour envy.

  • Has Russel Norman ever held down a job, does anyone know? (I mean a real one, of course!)
    I accept that he is a man of towering intellectual abilities. I mean, who else could earn a PH.D studying the Alliance Party FFS.
    [email protected] I guess.

    • Gungadin

      Russell had a job with the Department of Environment and Conservation in Western Australia in the early 90’s. His key roll was to suck farts out of dead seagulls and inject the extracted gas into the Pilbara Gas Network

      • Cadwallader

        No….much of that fart gas is still between his ears.

      • Patrick

        Over here in WA we are now injecting sewage back into the aquifer to sustain the drinking water supply. Given Russell’s extensive knowledge & experience with dead seagulls & farts do you consider him to be ideally qualified for a position as water quality control officer?

        • Gungadin

          Well Patrick, if he uses the same method it could help him with the squeaky voice.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      How can you degrade the great Alliance Party? Kiwi legends like Jumbo Anderton and Matt Vomit McCarten once belonged to the Alliance Party. Respect bro, respect….

    • blueballs

      Pussells early “work” history before politics is as follows

      Med school dropout
      Nurses aid 1988-1988
      Sheetmetal worker 1989-1990
      Car assembly line worker 1990-1992
      2 year gap here 1992-1994

      Gardener 1994-1995
      another 2 year gap here 1995-1997

      Organic farmhand 1997-1999
      Organic market gardener/native bush regeneration 1998-1999
      another 2 year gap here 1999-2001

      I can only assume that the relatively short periods Pussell was employed in any one job were down to his natural ability to become hated by his employers and workmates.
      A personality trait he has obviously carried into his political career.

      • And here I was thinking he had no workplace skills at all. I’m humbled and ashamed ….. [sigh]

        • LabTested

          Now you can see why he wants to be Minister of Finance. His whole life has been in training for the role

      • blueballs

        As if his career had’nt been stellar enough at this point, in 2001 it hit strataspheric proportions when he became secretary for none other than Sue Bradford!

      • Phill

        What’s with all these two year gaps? How was he supporting himself? Better get the IRD on the case, or at least call for an official enquiry into possible “shonky deals” that kept him in sandals and mung beans while having no income….

        • blueballs

          My sentiments exactly Phill, i know he came from Australia to live permanatly in new Zealand in 1997, so those two years would have been taken up by his Labotomy reversal procedures that are a strict requirement for all Australian Immigrants entering the country.

        • Patrick

          He will have been on the “rock ‘n roll” smoking dope & avoiding ablutions. This period is mandatory training for anyone considering membership of either the Greens or any environmental/social/political activists organisation. Gotta have a “back story” to entertain the comrades when sitting around the campfire during anti government/capitalist/fill in the blanks occupations

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Let me add a line…
        Deputy PM and Finance Minister, Suckersland 2014-2023

        • Harvey Wilson

          oh pu-leese

  • Col

    Very interesting article, so National should be 69 seats, even more, be the bloody death of labour, bring it on. Noddy Norman would fit in well with Labour as both parties have done bugger all, plus NZF and Mana. Has anyone seen Hone and Winston is Hone picking his crop and Winston drying out after his piss speech in the House?

  • kevin

    Fail being the word…

  • David

    I think the weak spot in the green’s leadership is that other co-leader. You know, what’s her face. She makes an appearance once a month in the media. Can’t think of her name though…

    • blokeintakapuna

      Dalores Umbridge? Or is just that they have an uncanny resemblance?

    • JC

      Her absense means she tells fewer lies on TV than Norman.

      I’m not sure if the public intuitively understands that Russel lies, bullshits and exaggerates everything but I suspect it thinks he’s at least dodgy. I rather think his increased exposure makes him look more like a pull through from a rusty .303 than a statesman.


  • Auto_Immune

    When the next labour leader is selected the Greens Party vote will slide to 7-8%

    So the Greens are secretly hoping for a Shane Jones win too, in order to maintain their left-wing vote share.

  • JeffDaRef

    WO you omitted to mention that Norman is a whingy whiny little weasel who I’d love to punch in the gob – very relevant facts!

    • blueballs

      get in line & wait your turn

      • Cadwallader

        I’ll sneak in between and kick him where his nuts ought to be….

        • James Growley

          I’d like a few days in an empty warehouse with the mongrel to practice some old fashioned behaviour modification through stress techniques.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Norman will be the Deputy PM and Finance Minister in 2014. Nobody can change this. So let us accept this as gospel and move on…

    • peterwn

      The only bargaining power the Greens have is to threaten to side with National. They have nixed that, so they will gain no further traction than under Helen’s Labour government.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems the fall of the so called “green” party is gathering momentum in Australia.Labor Australia ditched them,when they discovered that the “green” philosophy had destroyed their support base.They were much too late, as the potential voters fled to safety by way of voting for Labors opposition.I have always wondered why Russel Norman was not in the Australian” green” party.Rumour has it he was much too fanatic,even for that band of losers.Seems his star ,and his party are following in the footsteps of the Australian Greens,inept, inane, and with a bit of luck in the not too distant future a bad memory.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Remember Whale Oil Bros – If Norman sneezes, NZ catches cold…mind it…

    • blokeintakapuna

      let’s hope next time he sneezes… he snarts himself… during question time

  • Quintin Hogg

    please lord, let it happen….

  • Whafe

    Wussel Norman truly believes he is hot shit, he is not even a cold fart warming up…. Has the substance of the dead snapper Shearer held up in parliment

  • Bunswalla

    Good observations Cam, er, I mean Owl.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – Rogue Morgan poll is out. Winnie the Poo is back as King Maker…Labour’s voters have gone to Winnie the Poo and Smellie Hippies and Emperor’s clowns are holding steady….

    Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows a Labour/ Greens alliance (45.5%, down 2.5% since July 29-August 11, 2013) holding a narrow lead over John Key’s National 44% (unchanged). Support for Key’s Coalition partners has changed little with the Maori Party 2% (unchanged), ACT NZ 0.5% (unchanged) and United Future 0.5% (up 0.5%).

    Support for Labour has fallen to 31.5% (down 2.5%); Greens are 14% (unchanged), New Zealand First 5.5% (up 2.5%), Mana Party 0.5% (unchanged), Conservative Party of NZ 1% (unchanged) and Others 0.5% (down 0.5%).

    If a National Election were held now the latest NZ Roy Morgan Poll shows that the election result would be too close to call with New Zealand First likely in a position to determine the Government.

    • cows4me

      Quite sad isn’t it Sir, just a heartbeat away from been governed by the mentally insane.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        It is happening….so mentally prepare for it…..

  • GregM

    Given that their “talent pool” looks more like a wet patch, I don’t think Russel will be going anywhere else anytime soon.

  • drummerboy

    lets get that green vote down to the magic 4%

  • Pita

    What does Clint have to say, have you spoken to him?

  • Phil

    I’d sack him just because he has ginger hair

  • Harvey Wilson

    I do impersonations and I’ve been working on one for Russ.

    So here, for the first time, EXCLUSIVE to Whaleoil followers, I am about to premiere my world class Dr Russ impersonation.

    Here we go.

    Uh hum…..

    Interviewer (John Campbell?): So Dr Norman, What is your opinion on this matter just tabled by those right wing scumbag (hoik spit) National Party Fascist pigs ?

    Russell Norman: Waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa, not fair, waaaaaa waaaaaa.
    Thank you for your attention. I will be posting more impersonations during social studies.

  • Stalin

    Grantie R says if he wins the Labia leadership, he will pick Ruskie green taliban norman as his finanace min should Labia wins in 2014….(backbench)..mmm this will take NZ back fourty years should that ever happen..a country run by communist…