Perfect Pommy Pink

Dave needs to lay off the pies.



With just a Mickey Mouse towel to protect his modesty, the Prime Minister struggled to manoeuvre himself into his shorts while on the sands in Cornwall today.

The bright red sunburn on his chest also suggested that, like many others, he had made the mistake of not applying sufficient sunscreen.

At his fourth holiday destination of the year, the 46-year-old Mr Cameron appeared at ease as he strolled shirtless along the beach.

Mr Cameron could have been any middle-aged father as he mingled with other holidaymakers on the popular Polzeath Beach on Cornwall’s rugged north coast. He strolled along the sands looking relaxed and healthy, showing no signs of the back problems he confessed this week have been causing him agony.


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  • Kokila Patel

    At least he’s holidaying at home rather than Italy or France

  • Col

    That’s not pies, that’s a beer belly.