Phone thief’s #epicfail

Via Elite Daily

Via Elite Daily

Sean Levinson writes

This footage was taken from an underground subway station in Russia. You’re going to see a man come down the stairs and try to steal a phone from the woman leaning against the wall.

What happens next is most definitely the coolest thing you will see today and probably for the rest of the week. Let’s just say this was not the right woman to mess with.

Prepare for glory.


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  • Rockfield

    No stone unturned ….


  • Justsayn

    Staged – looks as spontaneous as a Shearer one-liner.

    • Lion_ess

      Shearer has one-liners?

      • FredFrog

        Yes. Heven’t you ever heard them? They go like this:


  • rockape

    Must be getting short of material whale, leave repeats to SKY. Totally staged too. The blow to the crutch doesnt even land, i could go on but this seems to be the new internet fashion staging things to get some satisfaction from the number of hits. Number of hits =number of fools!

    • tarkwin

      Could be worse – I spent five minutes trying to get the top picture to play before I scrolled down. Definitely time for a drink.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Maybe that wasn’t what the Doc meant when he said you needed glasses…

  • Get a grip

    Loved it!!! Especially all the people who just walked on by. Am living in an area with lots of Russians so can well believe it. They try and ignore everyone!!!!

  • John Q Public

    Total set-up.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Setup or not, still very cool. I liked the way the lady waited and watched and then just walked on by.