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via Imgur

via Imgur


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  • richard.b

    Nick, was this image approved by Mr Whale prior to posting?
    I think not.

  • BJ

    Such a hideous manmade blot on the landscape. Makes one want to heave.

  • AnonWgtn

    Great photos but Wind energy is a failing industry – it cost more to produce electricity than the costs to run and repair – a great Green con.

  • Greg Davis

    It is not clear what caused the inhabitants of Earth to perish. It may have been as a result of a catastrophic meteorite strike forcing its oceans to inundate land masses where most humans lived.

    One theory gaining credence is that, although many humans would have survived this natural calamity, the loss of technology held in the minds of the producer humans led to inter-tribal warfare among the remaining collectivist humans, by then mere savages.

    The evidence supporting this theory is the perplexing array of tall statues with whirling devices atop. These are thought to be objects of veneration of a primitive religion, which we surmise originated prior to modern man.

    From analysis of the crucifix-like structures we can calculate that they could not have been used as crude electricity generators. The efficiency would have been such that we believe these were a remnant of one of the many Cargo Cults which inhabited a declining Earth. The structures are thought to be symbolic of a long lost proud tradition.

  • LesleyNZ

    Ugly blots on the landscape.