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via Imgur

via Imgur


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  • spollyike

    Was sure you were going to have a photo of two sexually stunted individuals of the same sex getting hitched today.

    • Col

      No the Labour Party girls and boys got pissed, unable to stand, sorry.

    • Here you go. Wouldn’t want to disappoint.

      • dumbshit

        should run a poll on which one wears the strap-on

        • tarkwin

          The one with the no frills hair cut.

          • dumbshit

            that the spud pot job, just cut what sticks out

    • TomTom

      Oh relax and shut the fuck up, mate. It passed Parliament with a good margin and heaps of public support via polls.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So you have to cross a bridge to get to the outhouse?

  • Tom

    Neat. Where is this?

    • MarkF

      Norway or Maine don’t think it’s British Colombia

    • P1LL

      Zavikon Island & Ball Island in Canada

      • MarkF

        Thanks for that, Maine was a reasonable guess then!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Only a fuckwit would waste money building a bridge like that. Prob has a tunnel to the mainland as well!