Here piggy, pig, pig

The Labour party leadership contest is being funded by the taxpayer. The greedy little piggies are justifying it too. They see nothing wrong with picking the pockets of taxpayers for Labour party business.

Labour MPs competing for the party leadership have defended the use of taxpayer money to fund their nationwide campaigns, saying they did not make the rules.

MPs Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe, and Shane Jones were asked this morning whether they should be paying for their own travel as they campaigned to be leader over the next three weeks.

Mr Cunliffe said the party had sought advice from Parliamentary Services, which had confirmed that the campaign-related flights and phone calls were covered, but taxis, accommodation and other costs were not.

He said: “The rules are not decided by me. We will follow the rules as we are given them.”

He added: “The selection of a party leader is both a party process and arguably a proper process for the Parliamentary process too, because party leaders have both a party role and a Parliamentary role.”  

Cunliffe’s attitude is disgusting. Not so my preferred candidate Shane Jones:

Mr Jones confirmed that he had driven from Kerikeri to Auckland yesterday “in a 4WD drive that I own”, and had paid for the petrol himself.

“Parliamentary Services have ruled that we are entitled to exercise our Parliamentary air travel. That is a decision that’s been made and it’s one that I’ll abide by.

“Any than that, I’ll take it out of my own pocket.”

Of course it isn’t really their pocket anyway is it? After all their salaries are paid for by parliament.

Annette King uses the kindergarten sandpit argument to justify their troughing:


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  • JeffDaRef

    Answer for Annette – National have something worth celebrating!!

  • Muffin

    national are running the country, not just fighing to be the top of the poo pile that is labour

  • lofty

    Such is the joy of the internet and blogging age, not so long ago these troughing issues would have been hidden and only those anointed would know.
    the sun shines in on the old “boys” club, and good job too, regardless of hue or tribe.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I said the sneaky bastards would find “some” parliamentary purpose, I didn’t realise it would be so whaffer thin. Fuck they are predictable. Thieving bastards.

  • FredFrog

    Cuntlippe can afford a $2mil house, but can’t afford to finance his tilt at the windmill? And he seriously thinks NZers will think he’s fit to run the country? Bring on 2014!

    • Phill

      Yeah…He’s down with the people.
      Doing the right thing coz its the right thing to do…..

  • Actually Annette, there are 59 MP’s in the National caucus, compared to just 34 Labour MP’s. Please have your whips keep calling for party votes in the House, because every time the Clerk calls for the New Zealand Labour tally and the whip replies “34”, my heart soars!

    • AngryTory

      34 too many

    • Arran Hunt

      Plus this isn’t leadership travel, as none of them are the leader. But, ok, well be fair, they can all get a free flight to Nelson and back.

      • johcar

        I’d be happy to contribute for fares for ALL politicians to Antartica – one-way. Maybe we could bring back some penguins to replace them – they’d make more sense and make less mess….

      • dyannt

        Please, no!!!

        Oh, OK then. As long as they’re guaranteed return flights to wherever they come from.

  • Honcho

    I can see Robertson getting rolled, either now in the leadership battle by a much more in touch Jones, or in 13 months by the down to earth charm of the John Key led national party juggernaut. And when it all comes to the pass he will blame us, we the people, play the gay card, blame everyone but his narcissistic self. He doesn’t lend anything to this country, he hasn’t achieved anything of note in his time in parliament save for expanding his own selfish personal wealth, he is symbolic of who we DON’T need trying for a shot at running this country, and everything that has been wrong with the Labour party for years.

    • AngryTory

      Whoever is “elected” (really picked by the unions) is going to be flattened by Key in 2014. Whoever replaces them will be flattened by Key in 2017.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Day dreaming bro….According to Curryleaf, Key will be booking a very long holiday in 2014 to Hawaii….

        • AngryTory

          Yep he will. Celebrating his third term. Same in 2017 celebrating his fourth.

          A government that excludes the largest party in parliament is illegitimate. Simple as that.

    • AnonWgtn

      Why do the Labour Caucus believe that their 40% vote outnumbers the real Labour Party’s 60% ?
      Whoever wins have the Caucus decision as to the Deputy (Not the Party).
      So imagine Robertson losing to Cunliffe and the caucus voting him as Deputy.
      Great Macbeth !

      • Honcho

        MacBeth alright, Shakespearian tragedy where many lives are ended …. bring it on.

  • steve and monique

    Ripping off the taxpayer is the mantra of Labour. Bunch of thieving mongrels is more like it. If sadly these fuckers get in, then will the last person to leave, turn out the lights.

    • dyannt

      I think you may find that the lights will have been turned off long before the last person leaves.
      Don’t forget the Greens will be a big (or bigger) part of any Left-wing coalition.

  • AngryTory

    Labour – nothing but bludgers, promising a government of bludgers for bludgers by bludgers.

    Anyone productive can fuck of to Oz before Abbott is elected and slams the doors shut.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      You have a point. Australia did it to the Clark inspired exodus by excluding Kiwis from Medicare, even though they were and still are paying for it.

  • tarkwin

    Cunliffe is a classic chardonay socialist. The more you hear from him the more you realise he is just a used car dealer in a flash suit trying to climb the pile. This doesn’t really bother me – after all this is politics, what I don’t like is his lack of morals and the way he sells out again and again. The end justifies the means in his world and everybody is dispensable. At least you can’t accuse him of not having his eyes on the prize. His downfall will come when he tries to suck off Russel and gets caught.

    • johcar

      “…a used car dealer in a flash suit trying to climb the pile. …
      lack of morals and the way …sells out again and again. The end
      justifies the means in his world and everybody is dispensable. …”

      That describes any politician you might care to name – parliamentary or local body!!

      • tarkwin

        I agree, the difference is they wait till they’ve been elected. Cunliffe believes his own bullshit. The man has no finesse.

  • Justsayn

    They are members of Parliament, the DID make the rules!

  • Ducky

    Does that include porno movies????

  • Polish Pride

    Oh so you guys are all for Troughing then…. so long as the colour of the party doing it is blue…
    Too awesome.

    • blueballs

      ^ PP can you clear something up for me? Are you of Polish ancestory? Or are you proud of how many cocks you have polished?

      • Polish Pride

        I think that’s more wishful thinking on your part their especially given your name sunshine.

        • blueballs

          As it seems you are now just dodging my question, i will just presume your are another red fairy

          • Polish Pride

            then perhaps you haven’t been here long enough.
            Some advice if you want a question genuinely answered its probably best not to accuse someone of being a cock smoker in your first encounter with them.
            Red, Blue, Green matters not in a system so full of holes and simply unable to solve the problems we face as a society.
            Not Polish (wife is and I am proud of her. She and her family escaped Communist Poland on passports released illegally in the middle of the night so don’t even go there).
            One of the many things wrong with the system is troughing by ALL MPs. Another thing that is wrong is dickheads on both sides of the political fence giving their MPs a pass whilst slamming the other side for the same behavior. Its called hypocrisy and its something that I call out on both sides when it occurs.
            That’s called consistency. and it comes with integrity…. something I reckon we could do with a helluva lot more of from all MPs in our political system.
            If people were consistent MPs might actually remember who it is that they are supposed to work for – an interesting concept I know.

          • Honcho

            Why don’t you call yourself ‘Proud Husband’ or something similar then? It would save tarnishing the good people of a proud nation with your cretinous utterances.

          • Polish Pride

            Don’t worry, many times I have thought I should’ve picked a different name.
            As for cretinous utterances I prefer to call it keeping the punters honest and making people actually think about why the system fails to deliver on many levels. But hey by all means feel free to point out some examples. I find a mind that thinks the right or left can deliver under the current system to be a strange and intriguing thing so give it your best.

        • blueballs

          The balls in my pseudonym are of the metaphoric variety,
          and blue from holding back a wave of ejaculate that will spill forth in 14 months to adorn the necks of all the labour supporters once their heads are pulled from their own arses. Blue pearl necklaces for everyone!

          • Polish Pride

            Sounds to me like you’ve either got a helluva lot of growing up to do or you really need some help.

          • blueballs

            I’m Sorry your in laws went through all that effort to escape communist poland only to end up facing the prospect of comrade Cunliffe!

          • Polish Pride

            Okay now that was funny!

  • Arran Hunt

    “The rules are not decided by me. We will follow the rules as we are given them. And, if we can find a way to exploit the people of New Zealand, especially those rich pricks, then we will”

  • peterwn

    Who pays the air fares of MP’s attending the Labour Party Conference? Come to think of it, do delegates pay for the conference out of their own pockets, or does the party, unions, etc pay?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This is the price we pay for democracy bros. So move along. You will be paying much more for the dole bludgers once Curryleaf is in power….

  • LesleyNZ

    NO WAY! They have brought all the problems of this party upon themselves and we SHOULD NOT be picking up the tab. The Labour Party had better come out and say that they are footing the bill – not us!

    • Polish Pride

      I’m interested Lesley… why should I as a tax payer foot the bill for MPs to attend their own party conference. Do we not pay them enough that they can’t afford the airfare out of their own pocket?
      Troughing is troughing no matter which way you try to spin it.
      It is the one thing that makes me want to become a politician – getting rid of the perks they have.

      • dyannt

        “It is the one thing that makes me want to become a politician – getting rid of the perks they have”

        A lofty aim, PP. If I remember correctly a certain Mr Hyde had the same aspirations.

  • Moj Kljuc

    Annette King is a bitch….this is her MOD…may she rot in Hell