Pinko lobby group needs remedial spelling lessons

A bunch of pinkos have a lobby group, one that produces all sorts of ‘think’ pieces telling us how they think that we should live our lives.

They are currently advertising on Facebook.

But these spinners can’t even spell…and they presume to tell us how to live? if they are committed to bringing positive change perhaps they’d like to start with some remedial spelling lessons.


All the usual left wing apologists are part of this. Hugh Fletcher, John Walley, Bernard Hickey, Selwyn Pellett, Ganesh Nana, and Bryan Gould.

They are promoting all the Labour policies…like capital gains tax, increased corporate welfare for research and development…that sort of thing.

This is like the poor mans version of the business round table, but for the promotion of state intervention, picking winners and corporate welfare.

They have a real cheek stealing the Orange Man too for their promotions…like most things socialists do they are trying to legitimise their efforts by hoodwinking people into thinking it is official in some way but using the orange colour and a stylised Orange Man.

But then with a bit of research even that is not original…do a google search for “orange man ball and chain


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  • DLNZ

    Sounds like a pack of fucken Wallys to me :P

  • Phar Lap

    Last time I read about Hickey was when he forecast the Auckland residential property market would fall by at least 30%.As for the guy Gould he once was a Liebour Party arse licker in UK.Both of them believe it or not,are very good a feathering their own little nests.A case of do what we say,not as we do .

    • Macca

      Yeah – and you can guarantee that every time Labia or the Gweens release a new policy, all the snivelling socialists from the MSM will go straight to that little flea Nana so he can trumpet the cause!

    • Pointless

      I despise that smug git Gould. Didn’t think I could despise him more until he turns up at Waikato Uni in some poncy ceremonial position and proceeds to spend a small fortune getting his grace-and-favour mansion dolled up. Smug git Champagne socialists are the worst.

    • Ducky

      You see, they are appealing to the brainless morons who cannot think for themselves and are easily led astray by idiotic misspelled slogans also copied from the Obama slogan —“Change!” .What those mindless gobs failed to think is that if the left gets into power, those apologists will stand to make a lot of money from the socilaist policies that will spend up large on taxpayers money and creating more beneficiaries.

  • LesleyNZ

    That is very wrong to steal the orange man! How are they allowed to do this? Now I know why that guy Ganesh Nana is so pro Len Brown – praising him up under the banner of BERL .

    • Travis Poulson

      It can only be explained that he has gone baNanas

  • WayneO

    John Walley is a fucking cunt.

  • Patrick

    They will bring change alright – small change for a two bit economy will be all that is left after these socialists are finished.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Sneaky socialists, lets line ’em up and make ’em watch John Campbell having his scrotum being shaved with a blunt razor. Just as an example.