Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – The Final Week

Time’s up on Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON!  And apart from one hapless soul, we all look like we’ll be winners on the day.

Here’s what happened for week 11, reported a whole week late.  *blush*







So those were the numbers at the beginning of the week.

Please send in your final weights as per usual, and we’ll see who managed to “win”!


Whaleoil readers ordering from Produce Delivered can enter Blubbergeddon as a discount code during the order process for 10% of your order, just for being a Whaleoil reader.

Cam Slater is enjoying Produce Delivered fresh fruit and vegetables every week while the Blubbergeddon challenge is on.  Lucky bastard.




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  • le sphincter

    I thought was another angle on londons- fatberg

    • No, Fat Berg, is Krim Dotcon’s half brother from Bavaria.

  • BobaJob

    Nice! Hope WO doesn’t spike any challengers fruit with trans fats!

  • Dave

    well done to all concerned……. next a challenge for WOBH readers to collectively walk/run 100,000 km over say….. ?? 10 weeks. We could donate $1 for each KM to a charity (cancer council or similar) to make it a fundraiser. get our collective bodies trim and fit for summer!

    • Travis Poulson

      You do it first, if you survive I’ll give it a crack.

      • Dave

        just started a new business Travis, doing 18 hour days ATM to get the premises ready to go in September. But more than happy to get walking say mid September.