The proper way to deal with smelly Greenpeace hippies

Greenpeace are professional protestors, eco-terrorists and vandals. Here we molly-coddle them, not so in Russia, they really know how to deal with smelly Greenpeace hippies.

A Greenpeace icebreaker protesting oil prospecting in the Arctic said it would leave after Russia threatened to use force against the Dutch-flagged vessel including firing on it, the group said Monday.

The Arctic Sunrise entered the Northern Sea Route without permission on Saturday to call attention to plans by Russian top oil firm Rosneft and its US partner ExxonMobil to drill in a remote natural reserve.

The ship approached the site of the planned protest in the Kara Sea unhindered but on Sunday the Russian coast guard inspected the vessel “without permission” and asked the ship to leave the area, the group said.

“The coast guard warned the ship it would use force if necessary, including opening fire on the ship, if the Arctic Sunrise would not leave,” Greenpeace said in a statement. 

The environmental group said it would leave to avoid any risk to the crew but would call on the Dutch government “to consider a legal complaint against Russia’s violation of international law of the sea and freedom of expression.”

“We are a peaceful protest ship and have done nothing to warrant the threat of force against us,” Christy Ferguson, a Greenpeace Arctic campaigner aboard the ship, was quoted as saying in the statement.

“We won’t be intimidated into silence.”

The Russians boarded the icebreaker after the group dispatched inflatable boats with banners reading “Save the Arctic” near the Geolog Dmitry Nalivkin, an oil exploration vessel contracted by Rosneft and ExxonMobil, it said.

On Sunday, “the Russian coast guard announced the creation of a four nautical mile ‘exclusion zone’ around the Geolog Dmitry Nalivkin, preventing the activists from obtaining clear images of the vessel,” Greenpeace said.

Last week Greenpeace said Russia had refused permission to enter the Northern Sea Route on several occasions citing concerns about the icebreaker’s ability to withstand thick ice.

The global environmental group has called the move “a thinly veiled attempt to stifle peaceful protest”.

The Russian transportation ministry has accused the Greenpeace vessel of “crudely” violating Russian and international law.


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  • AngryTory

    And people wonder why NZ need laws preventing ecological and economic terrorism here?

    Still: a pity the Ruskies dint just sink the terrorists – why treat Dutch Eco-terrorists any different to Chechen terrorists?

  • Tom

    Pity they didn’t sink the bastard. The loony pricks have it coming.

    • jac

      What have you got against conservation and conservationists anyway, do you want the Earth to become a Venus type hellhole? Calling conservationists smelly hippies, green Talebans and eco-terrorists does nothing for your consume like there’s no tomorrow arguments. Suggesting that protesters boats should be sunk sounds very 1930s. Next you’ll be wanting Key to pass an Enabling Act.

      • BigDes

        If you weren’t a bunch of hypocritical hippies and Taliban like Eco terrorists, you wouldn’t be called as such. When you use science and sound proof to back up your concerns, along with realistic alternatives you might get a listening ear. Oh, and AGW and peak oil lies, both demonstrably false, hasn’t helped your “cause”. And actually therein lies half your battle, you are fighting for a “cause” rather than a well documented, researched and PROVEN problem. Further more I have yet to meet anyone who is anti environment. There, rant over.

      • Ducky

        There is nothing wrong being a conservationist, but when you started to behave that you know what’s best for others and start to trample over their views, that’s where the problem lies, take the anti- smacking law by green taliban bradford, 90% disagree, but it was pushed down our throats, you can view your thoughts but respect others at the same time..

  • Col

    Why sink it? should taken the bloody boat and told the Greenies to walk home, but I heard they smelled so bad they didn’t want to transfer them off the boat.

  • Garbageman

    ” we wont be intimidated into silence”
    sounds like the thought of getting your ass kicked worked quite nicely

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I wonder if by announcing a 4 mile exclusion zone, the Russians have the mandate to sink any vessel which transgresses that zone? Sounds like a plan we should implement here. Give our Navy some live firing practice.

    • drummerboy

      our navy has guns? haha

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        They have to carry a rifle on the bridge ;-)

      • Allan

        nope but they do have some shiny new Seasprite heli’s that need some action to prove their worth :D

  • cows4me

    The Melons are brilliant at using the law of the land against those they detest, they like to play on a most uneven playing field. When the other side uses the law of might is right they cry like babies. A huge problem facing western society is that the majority are more then likely to be held hostage by the minority. In many cases we have surrender the rights of the majority to the screaming rights of the minorities. Unless we somehow change this imbalance in the end the minority will be answerable to the minority.

    • philbest

      Yeah, it is beautiful that people in the UK are now gaming the same obstruction processes to stop wind farms, as what the watermelons have always used against mining and power plants and nuclear and housing…..

  • philbest

    It was always noticeable that the watermelons spent most of their time condemning “global capitalism” for its crimes against Gaia, and little time condemning “Peoples Republics”. You see, if Commies wreck environments, that is all right, because no-one is making a profit in the process.

    If anyone wants a bit of a reference list for enviro damage done by Commies, try this:

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Actually laughed out loud at this. Zero sympathy for these plonkers, and anyway, they can protest just fine without having to sail right up to the action and put themselves and everybody else at risk with their antics.