Reader emails about about lying father Ray Legg collecting for his meth-head criminal son

A reader emails about Shane Legg’s father, Ray who has been doing the rounds and telling lies in order to fraudulently collect money for his scum bag son who was injured after climbing a fence whilst handcuffed, after being captured doing a runner from the police at speeds of 136kmph, while disqualified, and with methamphetamine (translation: he was fried) in his blood. Despite the spin the MSM like to put on this story, of course there is always more to it that meets the eye, as a reader demonstrates:

Last week, Shane Legg’s father presented to my workplace with a donations container and a photoboard of his son – the exact same photo I saw in the Herald of him unconscious, ventilated and in a neck brace. He was collecting donations towards his son’s treatment at the Otara Spinal Unit. His father failed to disclose that Shane had been escaping from cops after speeding at over 120KPH and high on meth.
Shane’s father collected money from my workplace, and several other businesses in the area.
I feel quite angry that this mans father has taken money without disclosing all the facts and took advantage of the good nature of other people.

1. His father stated his son had been in an accident: failed to mention details such as he was running for cops.  He had a large bucket for donations and a huge photoboard with several photos of his son unconscious in hospital.

2. Father stated his son was ‘currently in the Otara spinal unit’ undergoing rehabilitation ; rubbish, the NZ Herald states he was at home recuperating with family up North.  Father said he would never walk again & was completely paralysed.

3. Father should’ve been at home with him: instead he ventured all the way to Auckland to take advantage of people like myself obviously he was hoping we wouldn’t hear about the story.

I just showed the girls the article about that guy who came  and collected. The father told [redacted, readers colleague] his son had been injured in a hit & run

We are all so disgusted.

But the IPCA released their findings on Monday, I love Ray Legg’s claims that his son was pushed. The prick wasn’t even there, all he has is the word of his P head son:

Police failed in their duty of care to a man who fell over a fence while handcuffed in police custody – the fall leaving him paralysed and with a broken neck, the police complaints authority has found.

An Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) decision released today, found police failed to provide appropriate care, but acted reasonably and complied with the law throughout the arrest of Whangarei man Shane Legg.

Shane Legg was driving on a disqualified licence on State Highway 1, near Whangarei, when he was clocked by police travelling at speeds of up to 136km in an 80km zone on April 19, last year.

Legg failed to stop, and when he eventually drove to the end of a no-exit street, he carried on up a steep hill on foot.

A police dog handler was sent to track him and Legg was arrested and placed in handcuffs at the top of the hill. Two officers accompanied Legg back down the slippery hill in the dark but when he had to climb over a wire fence, police said he fell while one officer was still holding on to his shirt.

The officers picked Legg up and carried him about 30 to 40 metres before he complained of a burning sensation in his back. They laid him on the ground and an ambulance was called.

Legg was taken to Whangarei Hospital and was found to have a serious spinal cord injury.

Both Legg and his father, Ray Legg, last year said he was “pushed” by police. It was found Legg had a small amount of methamphetamine in his system at the time.

IPCA chair judge Sir David Carruthers said it was reasonable to place Legg in handcuffs.

“The authority considered it appropriate for Mr Legg to be handcuffed upon arrest based on Mr Legg’s previous actions, the risk of Mr Legg escaping and the likely difficulty in apprehending Mr Legg again due to the extremely challenging terrain, if he did escape.

“However, the authority has found that while he did not intend to cause injury, the officer who instructed Mr Legg to jump over the fence failed in his duty of care because he did not consider possible risks and alternative courses of action.

“Although this was an error of judgement that proved to have serious consequences, the authority has found that this officer’s actions were not so grossly negligent as to give rise to criminal liability.”

Police said they accepted the report and were considering recommendations to review their safety policies to do with people placed in handcuffs.

Northland Police District Commander Superintendent Russell Le Prou said there was a lapse in judgement, but the officers were working in difficult conditions.

“[The report] finds none of the officers acted recklessly or intended to cause harm. Indeed they managed to get Mr Legg to the bottom of the hill through some very rough terrain in the dark.”

He said the officers involved would “love nothing more” than to go back to that night and do things differently.

“No officer expects to go to work and have this happen, it has been tough on that officer too and Shane Legg’s life has been dramatically changed.”

Le Prou said police went out of their way to make the community safer, and not to cause harm. He would be speaking with Legg and his family personally to apologise for the incident. – Fairfax

At least the police dog had a good chew on his legs. You just can’t beat a good German Shepherd offroad. Moral of the story, don’t run from the cops.

If this man comes knocking, don’t give him a bloody cent. And tell others not to either. he even has a facebook page set up for his son full of sob story posts orchestrated to sound as sad and depressing as possible, with an accompanying bank account number should you feel so sad after reading the posts that you want to donate (cough)

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The Northern Advocate

Ray is telling people his son was injured in a hit and run in order to tug at their heart strings and purse strings too, but this is outright lie.

Sorry Ray, but stiff shit. Your son is directly suffering the consequences of his own actions, and you are too. If there’s anyone you should be pissed off with, it’s your son. Suck it up and deal with it.


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  • Never in the dark…..

    From the offensive FB page “I should feel hate for those that have done this to my boy”, my question Mum: “How could you hate your own boy?”

    • Dave

      Given he is LYING about the facts, this is STRAIGHT FRAUD. Call the cops if he comes calling.

      And another question, where were his parents when he started to go off the rails, why didn’t they turn him into authorities many years ago, and why didn’t he (dad) try and collect money to send his son to a rehab lab 5 or 10 years ago.

      Sometimes despite all the best care, parenting and facilities, good kids go bad, sadly, i doubt this is the case here. (doubt not know!!)

  • Arnie

    Obtaining funds by fraudulent activity. Sounds like it to me. Surely ACC will cover the majority of costs anyway.

    • Mr_Blobby

      ACC and Government will unfortunately cover all the costs.

      Dead beat Dad, dead beat Son. Darwin has more work to do here.

      • Macca

        No no Bobby, get your facts right! The TAX PAYERS will pay for this person – not ACCEPT etc

  • JeffDaRef

    We can only hope he got a bit of “Mind your head getting into the car sir…”

  • cows4me

    Fuckwit gets what he deserves, he made all the choices that resulted in his present position. The greatest travesty here is the taxpayer will have to pay to keep this wanker for the rest of his unnatural life. Any form of welfare should be denied to those participating in crime in any form.

  • tarkwin

    I believe the cop didn’t push him, but would have been so tempting.

    • Ducky

      I blame the cops. They didn’t do a good job. should have dropped him head first. followed by a few bullets -shot while trying to attack cops!.

      • Travis Poulson

        That’d be a hard excuse to pull off since his legs and feet were full of teeth holes.

        • tarkwin

          I’d be comfortable. Too much trash up here. At least we know he won’t do it again.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Not so long ago somebody held up a Westpac in a wheel chair, using an airgun.

  • Col

    No Tax on that? As we see it runs in the family, just a pity we the Tax payer will take care of this guy, and the police, what do u say?

    • Steve

      I love how the whole thing is to support Shane and “his family” on the road to recovery…. says a lot.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    136 kmph? Come on…. I’m no spelling nazi but Km/h is a basic unit of speed

    • Ducky

      go back to school you twit!