Reducing emissions will save us…hmmm perhaps not

The warmists bang on about reducing emissions…they talk of taxes, of bans and of controls to reduce emissions, particularly the evil methane and poisonous CO2.

Except it turns out that like almost everything else they have claimed is harming us the reserve is true.

Recently, attention has been given to the idea that reducing emissions of methane and black carbon (the latter is commonly found in soot) will help prevent global temperatures from rising. In 2011, the?United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) reported?that curbing such emissions will keep the Earth cooler by 0.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.

This makes sense on face value. Methane and black carbon both trap significantly more heat than carbon dioxide. However, there are other factors to consider.?For example, methane only stays in the atmosphere for a decade, while black carbon only stays there for a few weeks. Carbon dioxide is a much different beast. Though?65-80%?of it dissolves into the ocean after around?5 to 200 years, the remaining amount can persist for thousands of years as it’s gradually dissipated by slower earthly processes. Moreover, the carbon dioxide sequestered in the oceans can be?re-released over time.?

That is the theory…but is it right? Turns out, not really.

With these facts in mind, a new study from researchers at the Joint Global Change Research Institute in College Park, Maryland has found that reducing methane and black carbon emissions would only have a modest effect on global warming. Even if methane emissions were reduced by the maximally feasible extent by 2030, all residential coal and wood use was phased out by 2035, and strict particulate controls on all light cars, light trucks, and heavy trucks were enforced in all regions by 2035, global mean temperatures would only likely be cooler by 0.16 degrees Celsius by 2050. That’s hardly anything to cheer about.

I am starting to come to the belief that we ned some sort of inquiry to haul the warmist, scare-mongering scientists before to get them to recant their bullshit and apologise.