Relating to the death of the media – Stuff’s news-less home page

A reader emails:


After reading yet another post on your site regarding the death of the MSM, I clicked onto Stuff – and couldn’t stop laughing at what they thought was “news”.  It seems that the most important thing which has happened in the world today is …Victoria Beckham smiled.

Consequently, I have invented a game: News Bingo: first to get three news items in a row wins.

As you can see from the attached screen shot of today’s stuff – it’s impossible.  Really.

Hope you enjoy.

stuff bingo


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  • Teletubby

    To be fair it is only on a rare occasion that the sour cow smiles

  • Red

    I counted 17 sport stories out of 25 total a couple of weeks back… Good game this – I’ll play after I’ve watch the TV News and Gower has told me what I should think ….

  • Agent BallSack

    Lady Gaga getting her tits out was okay..Upvote if you watched the video!

  • Cadwallader

    When Lindsay Perigo left National (Socialist) Radio he predict the dumbing down of news to meet the needs of “Generation Airhead.”