Right let’s deal with this gay non-issue

Detractors of Grant Robertson have started the talk about gay this and gay that…frankly it is demeaning.

They should instead focus on his laziness, his propensity to set his leader up than his sexuality.

Perhaps we need a bit of remedial learning about the fact gay is the new straight. 


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Audio is all fucked up, this one works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5VliEjyohM

    • I fixed it, thanks

  • Jacinda will lose votes because she is a woman, Grant will lose votes because he’s gay and Shane will lose votes because he’s a wanker.

    • kevin

      and Cunliffe will lose votes because…?

      • johnbronkhorst

        because he is an ascorbic little dweeb, with personality of a rabid rat!

        • Don’t hold back, John. Say what you mean!!!

          • johnbronkhorst

            Always have, I am not shy with my opinion and I expect no less from everyone else!
            EDIT: He is mallards twin.

        • Bunswalla

          He speaks well of you.

          • johnbronkhorst

            YEAH, I’ll bet he does!! Hear he lies a lot too!
            If you hurry outside, rush to the corner, you may get a glimpse of the only little old man that gives a shit!

    • Angry Bird

      As far as we are concerned , who gives a toss who takes over as Labia leader, so long as they pick a tosser who will turn voters off Labia. All three candiadtes are tossers (apart from a poofter who keeps reminding the world he is a poofter) and voters will know they are all backstabbers who will not hesitate to back stab the voters for their own gains. Labia voters BEWARE!. Don’t vote Labia Party! You will get shafted.

      • Meg

        You are thinking of National not Labour.

        Glad I could help clear up your mistake.

  • Whinging Pom

    The problem for Robertson is that the whole gay thing is associated with putting interests and concerns of small (often middle class) sectional groups ahead of the needs of the many.

    This has been the kernel of much resentment within the Labour Party over the last couple of decades and the traditionalists having a candidate in Jones will scratch this itch and just make things worse.

  • Alloytoo

    Sadly Robertson’s sexuality will become an issue for some communities. .My personal objection is that he comes off like smarmy bastard who’s been deliberately sabotaging not only his leader, but also his Party, and his country. Not PM material in my book

  • LabTested

    We have an expression in my business PLU – People (who are) Like Us. It goes People like PLU. Robertson’s gayness is not a factor in his ability to to the job, but it will be a factor in his ability to connect with the average Kiwi. He is not a PLU

    Edit. Probably in the same way Don Brash was not a PLU

  • johnbronkhorst

    I notice, that TVNZ on breakfast, have appeared to decide this race for themselves.
    They had only robertson on to spout off, they mentioned jones but didn’t have him on. I would have thought, that at the moment these are the only 2 in the race so it is biased to only have Robertson on!
    They did however talk a lot about cunliffe and their poll etc, which, until he enters the race is irrelevant.
    Picking their winner again?
    Don’t think, please, that I for one minute, CARE which incompetent loser “leads” labour into next years losing election. But I do care about non biased reporting!!!

    • Macca

      Too true. It certainly speaks volumes for TV1’s judgement and how far removed from reality and public sentiment they are. Mind you, they are a bunch of anti government socialists so I suppose that speaks for itself really!

  • Quintin Hogg

    Don’t particularly care what floats Robertson’s boat.
    But he is a walking example of why the “no dickheads” rule exists.

  • GregM

    I don’t give a rats arse if he’s gay, straight, black, white or brindle. I do care that he’s a backstabbing trougher with no real world experiences, and I don’t want him leading the country.

    • Chris

      He did say today he worked in a Supermarket.

      • johnbronkhorst

        As watch…the trolley dolly?

  • conwaycaptain

    I think Robertson and Cunliffe come across as SMARMY self important prats. Jones is not PC and is to my mind a straight shooter and that will go against him in the party of “Gays, Lesbians and Self Serving Unionists” as stated by Damien O’Connor.
    How many REAL BLOKES are there in the Labour Party

    • johnbronkhorst

      By comparison with Robertson and cunliffe……..jones is the honest one and you get what you see with him, which is a good trait.
      However, what you also get is a self entitlement attitude, a guy who believes he SHOULD get all these perks just because he is…HIM! A lot like helen Clarke!! Remember her answer to speeding in South Canterbury?…A Prime Minister should have a plane! No thought of what she did was wrong and for the wrong reasons! Just, justification for her behaviour…..jones to a tee!

      • TomTom

        How is Jones honest? He had a wank on the taxpayer’s dollar.

        • Meg

          More honest that most of National.

          And as he was quoted “I’m not running for Pope”.

  • Phar Lap

    Sometimes I think Robertson is Aaron Gilmore.Robertson forever sends out the visual and verbal message.”Dont you know who I am” Surely .being gay is no more special than being heterosexual.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Won’t be long, just watch him pull the Gay Card to grease up or moan about the loss

  • LesleyNZ

    Hang on a minute – the pro gay brigade are the ones pushing all this gayness in the first instance. They havegot to expect a bit of talk.