Not the right temperament?

Kevin Rudd reckons that Tony Abbott doesn’t have the right temperament, judgement and experience.

Kevin Rudd has launched an extraordinary attack on Tony Abbott, accusing him of lacking the “temperament” and experience to handle complex international situations such as the worsening crisis engulfing Syria.

Facing internal doubts over his confidence as his election campaign is perceived as bogging down, Mr Rudd sought to contrast his reputation as a foreign affairs expert with Mr Abbott’s notoriety as a political hard man.

Adapting a tactic from the play-book of John Howard, who once claimed then opposition leader Kim Beazley lacked the ticker to be a prime minister, the unusually direct language appeared to be a calculated move to erode confidence in his opponent’s ability to stride the world stage and represent Australia in the councils of the world.

This sort of temperament Kevin? 

Or perhaps calling Chinese “rat-fuckers”:

Kevin Rudd, diplomat:

Tired and exasperated, surrounded by a knot of Australian officials and press, Rudd began to rage against the Chinese… Was a deal still possible, asked one of the Australians.

“Depends whether those rat-f…ing Chinese want to f… us.”


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  • Blue Tim

    Typical leftie hypocrite. Te Mallard of Aussie politics

  • Macca

    This was identical to what Clarkenhein did when she announced the election date. She ridiculed Key saying he couldn’t string a sentence together (something the MSM had been beating up for her), and that he would embarrass NZ in front of the world for us.
    Key has my vote as our greatest ever PM and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Just another accurate prediction from the left.

  • Gulag

    KRudd has lost the election and he knows it hence this latest attack.